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In 1980, I was appointed Professor for Islamic Studies at the University of Tübingen. 🌟

In 1946, I was made a justice of the peace for Middlesex. 🤙

In 2010, I won $10 million, my largest prize yet, bringing my total winnings to $20.4 million. ⚱

In 1954, I worked on a doctorate from the Freiburg University in Germany, specialising in copyright law. 🏻

In 1937, I posted to HMS Excellent, on Whale Island near Portsmouth, where I qualified as a gunnery officer. 🛰

In 1668, I was chosen because of my experience to accompany Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Carlisle, ambassador-extraordinary to Sweden, and the king wrote to Christ Church requesting a leave of absence for him. 🌧

In 1991, I was charged with "depraved movements" by a Cairo court and sentenced to three months in jail. 😴

In 1986, I married for a second time, and became a father to twins. 🎍

In 1960, I was a part of the squad which won the club's only Third Division title, and in 1966 helped the club to its first promotion to the First Division. 📳

In 2000, I moved to Montreal where I participated in group shows at Cirque du Soleil, and at Thomas More Institute Annual Art Exhibition at Galerie Loto-Quebec. 🎋

In 2001, I conducted a study with Christina A. Bryne and Kaia L. Scott on "Comparisons of Memories for Traumatic Events and Other Experiences". 🆔

In 2004, I caught 47 balls for 564 yards and a 12.0 yard average and 7 touchdowns. 👲

In 1971, I started an eight-year analysis with Lacan, and attended his seminars from 1971 until his death. ↩

In 1996, I was also the Emilio Bacardí Moreau Visiting Professor at University of Miami. ⛴

In 2005, I received a Reuben Award in the category of Magazine Illustration. 🎪

In 1984, I started my professional radio career on what is now Free Radio Herefordshire & Worcestershire (then Radio Wyvern) in Hereford and Worcester, starting off with a show called Mellow Yellow. ⚽

In 1693, I became a student of the sculptor Johann Brokoff in Prague. 👊

In 2013, I commanded the lead role of Brendan King in the 2013 movie King's Faith. 🐈

In 2003, I returned to my native Zimbabwe to work for the BBC as a freelance correspondent. 🏔

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