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In 1993, I earned the National Black Belt League’s Regional and World Titles and the United States Karate Alliance Lightweight Koshiki World Title. 👛

In 1970, I was assigned to 2nd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Vietnam. 🚽

In 1968, I wrote a poems' collection called New York City blues in which there are poems about some places in New York and the way I saw them as 125vet straed ("125th street"), Uptown-Downtown or El barrio. 👍

In 2005, I directed the documentary Sluts (2005), which focused on women discussing the feeling of being labeled as so. 💞

In 2002, I was caught in a shooting attack by two Palestinian militants in which two Israeli soldiers were killed, and killed one of the militants with my pistol. 🚈

In 2014, I presented the TV3 quiz show "Crossfire". 🔛

In 2016, I demonstrated multiple vulnerabilities in Trend Micro Antivirus on Windows related to the Password Manager, and vulnerabilities in Symantec security products. 📁

In 1972, I was run down by an elephant in Zambia. 📦

In 1991, I won the gold medal for 10,000 metres in the All-India Open National Championships. 😛

Since 2007, I is for riders 23 or younger. 🏤

In 1994, I began a career with KABUL international NGOs active in the country. 🍽

In 1868, I became house surgeon at Guy's Hospital, and I later worked at Bedlam and Colney Hatch asylums. 🈷

In 1860, I reached the rank of Major, in 1864 I participated in the Second Schleswig War and in 1866 at the Austro-Prussian War. 🌈

In 2011, I re-signed with Aalstar for the 2011–12 season. 🍒

In 2008, I was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Law from John Marshall Law School in recognition of my career as an advocate of civil liberties and constitutional rights. 👏

In 1909, I married Eugene Albert, a chemist 30 years my senior, (1856–1929) and had a daughter, Ingo de Croux-Albert (1911–1997). 🌘

In 1992, I joined France 3, where I is editor and presenter of "Fractales". 🔝

In 1887, I enrolled in the École Normale Supérieure where I achieved the Agrégation in 1890; I then joined the École française d'Athènes (graduated 1891). 🦆

From 1979 to 1990, I was the literary director of the French-Canadian science fiction magazine Solaris. 📔

In 1971, I toured in Japan with Nationaltheatret (the National Theatre) as Nora in A Doll's House. 🛌

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