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In 1859, I was apprenticed to Joseph Hamilton Beattie, the locomotive engineer of the London and South Western Railway, and in 1862 obtained a position at the Harlow Gas Works, Essex. πŸ˜’

In 1920, I entered the King-Hua Printing Office. πŸ₯‰

In 2008, I served on the Presidential Transition Team, working on education policy issues. πŸ––

In 1967, I began to study sociology at the University of Amsterdam but transferred after a few months to the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. 🏎

In 1995, I called off a 45-day-long fast following an assurance from the then Prime Minister P.V. πŸ”²

In 1824, I graduated from the cadet corps in Kalisz, and in 1829 from the military school in Warsaw. β›½

In 1910, I purchased several farms to assemble the 420-acre (170Β ha) estate. πŸ”½

In 1966, I was asked if I would like to hang a few of my works in the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house (where I had become a member and had lived while at Art College). πŸ’°

In 1998, I garnered solid notices as Mortimer Brewster opposite Betty Garrett and Carole Cook in a University of Central Oklahoma production of Arsenic And Old Lace. πŸ‘‰

In 2001, I had a circulation of 1,171,641 (82% of the DBRL system). πŸ“·

In 2018, I led Monaghan to a Ulster Minor Football Championship. β—€

In 1546, I obtained a lease on the manor of Tybesta in Creed. πŸ˜•

In 1858, I was consulting surgeon to the St. George and St. James Dispensary; in 1860 I was appointed surgeon to the West London Hospital at Hammersmith, and in 1870 I was surgeon to the Hospital for Women in Soho. πŸ—½

In 1878, I married the Honourable Mary Georgina Ormsby-Gore, DStJ, the daughter of William Ormsby-Gore, 2nd Baron Harlech; she was a Lady-in-waiting to the Duchess of Connaught. 🚰

In 2006, I was on the shortlist of nominees of "personalities who have made the most significant contributions to biotech in the last ten years" compiled by the editors of Nature Biotechnology. 🐠

In 2006, I was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to teach physics in Brazil. ♉

In 1947, I received a degree in Journalism from the University of Southern California. πŸ‰

From 1964 to 1967, I was also a partner in the law firm of Kunstler, Kunstler & Kinoy of New York City. ✏

In 1943, I co-starred in the Republic musical O, My Darling Clementine. πŸ•·

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