In 1856, I became the junction station for the new Inverury and Old Meldrum Junction Railway branch line to Oldmeldrum. πŸ“€

In 2012, I merged with Gruppo Sportivo Oratorio Villa Cortese, moving all my volleyball activities to the newly formed Asystel MC Carnaghi. πŸ•˜

In 2014, I became Chairman of the board of the Abel Prize fund. ☦

In 1933, I shifted to Prague, and in 1938 to Paris. πŸ’Ÿ

In 1970, I began working at Lucas Industries in Birmingham, as an industrial relations officer. 😴

In 2000, I served as President of the Population Association of America. πŸ›ƒ

In 2000, I demonstrated my hope theory on Good Morning America by conducting a live experiment with the show's correspondents. πŸ“œ

In 1895, I became a national organization and quickly rose to become the most powerful prohibition lobby in America, pushing aside my older competitors the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and the Prohibition Party. 🚹

In 2018, I was nominated International Beat Poet Laureate (2018-2019) in Connecticut USA, by Free Poets Collective, Founded by Colin Haskins. πŸŒ₯

In 2004, I broke into the Tamil film industry as a playback singer with the song "Vazhthuren Vazhthuren" in the hit film Chandramukhi, starring Rajinikanth and Jyothika. 🐚

In 1974, I merged with the Stony Wold Corporation, an organization that had focused upon tuberculosis, to become the Stony Wold-Herbert Fund. πŸ™

In 1957, I gave my address as Stourbridge; and from 1961, I lived at Church End House, Twyning, Tewkesbury. πŸ‘£

In 1872, I married the merchant Eugen Rautenstrauch (1842-1900), who continued my father's import business of animal skins. πŸ”

In 2003, I received the Istrian Arts Award "for special achievements in shaping, researching and preserving the cultural identity of Istria. 🀠

In 2002, I received the DGA's honorary life member award. πŸ’³

In 1990, I was posthumously inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame (along with Blind Blake and Lonnie Johnson). 🏜

In 1934, I played against the era's other woman champion, Vera Menchik, in an unofficial Amsterdam match and, subsequently, in an official 1937 world championship match in Semmering, Austria. βš”

In 2011, I was appointed strategy advisor at HRV Fit, developer of ithlete, the mobile heart rate variability application. 🍯

In 1991, I was appointed Minister of Tourism and Environment. πŸ•£

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