In 1976, I won the silver medal with the East German team. πŸ‘

In 1980, I were the first punk band to perform at the Jarocin Festival (at the time known as the "All-Polish Review of Music of Young Generation in Jarocin"). πŸŽ†

In 1863, I made first of three major Himalayan photographic expeditions, followed by another one 1866, prior to which I took an expedition to Kashmir in 1864, in fact all photographic histories of that era carry my works. β—€

In 1898, I enrolled at MIT, intending to become a scientist. 🐠

In 1862, I was appointed a captain in the United States Volunteers; I served for one year, receiving brevets of major and lieutenant colonel. 🚒

In 1996, I debuted as a solo artist with the album Thru My Window. πŸ“–

In 1857, I became member of the Corps Rhenania Heidelberg. 🌟

In 1995, I wrote The Cosmic Ordering Service for a small group of people and distributed it as a Xerox copy. β›“

In 2006, I opened Anapelli Hair Clinic in New York City, specializing in surgical hair transplantation as well as biocapillation. πŸ’¨

In 1780, I was sent out to the West Indies as part of a squadron under Commodore Walshingham that was sent out to reinforce the fleet under Sir George Rodney. πŸ’₯

In 1926, I went to Spain and on the return home travelled to Lourdes in France as a pilgrim. 🏾

In 2003, I released my novel Anne et Anne, which centers on the theme of seduction. πŸ‘‰

In 1993, I was sold to Regal Cruise Line and received my final name. 🍹

In 1950, I stood for Parliament as a Conservative for Manchester-Gorton but was defeated. β˜ͺ

In 2011, I was selected Young Democrat of the Year by the Oakland County Democratic Party. πŸ—Ώ

In 1989, I moved to Los Angeles and was offered the opportunity to write a script for Seinfeld by Larry David. πŸ“Ÿ

In 2011, I made my marathon debut in New York and qualified for the U.S. 🚒

In 1808, I received yet another appointment, as music master at Christ's Hospital. ➿

In 2002, I was designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve. πŸ’›

In 1898, I was the first who coined the term noble gas (the original noun is Edelgas in German). πŸ“§

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