In 1941, I married Joseph Coors, whom I had met on Nantucket, Massachusetts. 🕺

In 1836, I joined the Reform Club, of which I was a lifelong member. ☃

In 1997, I founded the José Antonio Primo de Rivera Foundation. 🎾

In 1986, I played the character of Phillip Crane in the BBC series Brush Strokes and, in the same year, performed in several episodes of the children's television series Roland Rat: The Series, in the guise of Darcey De-Farcey. 🍃

In 1987, I became Wisconsin's first resident to receive a National Heritage Fellowship grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. 🎩

In 1971, I married Susan Hallums and they had a daughter, Carrie Anne. 🌟

In 1979, I was gazetted as a reserve, ensuring that I cannot be developed without the approval of both the local council and the state government's metropolitan planning authority. 🍝

In 1986, I moved to the newly founded The Independent where I wrote several official secrets articles. 🏐

In 2011, I was summoned by Sharia court and served a Fatwa in 2012, following which I was given a Quit India Notice from Kashmir's Foreigners Registration Office. 🏿

In 2014, I again organized a travel package for Brazil for over 550 members. 🚝

In 1881, I was appointed to the Chair of Pharmacology in Dorpat (now Tartu, Estonia). 🏓

In 1604, I was elected Member of Parliament for Northumberland. ⬇

In 1967, I played guitar in a band called The Dustbins, who appear in the film Des garçons et des filles [fr]. 🌔

In 1883, I was commissioned to clarify the murder of a citizen of British origin, which occurred in the town of Merlo. ⁉

In 1919, I set a world marine speed record of 70.86 miles per hour (114.04 km/h). 🏠

In 1986, I made an unsuccessful bid to purchase the rights for property development on a North York city block surrounded by Yonge, Princess, Empress and Doris Streets. 👡

In 1995, I worked as a coordinator and instructor at the University of the Witwatersrand Field School. ☘

In 1980, I chose to join the then unknown Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) in its very first batch. ⛵

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