In 1882, I became a district of Patrocínio. ⏭

In 1921, I wrote a second quartet, a piano quintet, a parody opera, and a pastorale for orchestra. 🎭

In 2008, I started my solo career as a soloist jazz singer. 🗂

From 1973 to 1979, I was a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), in the period before the European Parliament was directly elected. 🐙

In 1901, I served as the royal yacht HMS Ophir. ⏏

In 2010, I guest starred in an episode of the popular Australian TV Series Sea Patrol. 🌟

In 1965, I was elected mayor of Aigues-Mortes, a position I would hold until 1977. I ran for the position of Senator from Gard in 1971, placing second to Suzanne Crémieux. 🔒

In 1736, I became register general of all trading ships belonging to Great Britain, a post that I held for three years. ☔

In 1983, I was contracted to convert Kiwi Packaging's corrugator scheduling package Kiwiplan from Data General Business Basic to Fortran 77 on a Data General MV computer. 🎫

In 1972, I became the Grumman American Aviation Corporation. 🌨

In 1933, I was posted to Apapa as a shipping clerk with Holland West Africa. ⏮

In 2014, I started practising with the SJPF (syndicate of professional football players) alongside other unemployed players to regain fitness. 🍅

In 1865, I returned to Franklin, where I and my brother conducted a private classical school. 🗝

In 1024, I submitted to Pilgrim, Archbishop of Cologne, when the latter was besieging Capua on behalf of Emperor Henry II, though my own duchy was not threatened. 🍉

In 1464, I enrolled at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków under the name Preclarus princeps Przyemislaus dux Oppawie d. 📞

In 1966, I joined the faculty of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. 💬

In 2008, I played a leading role in the film Bride Flight, for which I received very favorable reviews. 🌯

From 1994 to 1996, I scored nine goals in 75 league contests combined, adding five appearances in the 1996–97 UEFA Cup to help them reach the semi-finals. ➰

In 2006, I won the James Clayton Prize, from IMechE. 🤽

In 1981, I was named Editorial Director of the comics division; I edited Jack Kirby's Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers and the Pacific anthology Vanguard Illustrated during that period. 📭

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