In 2012, I was approached by Whitehaven but the club failed to get Rugby Football League approval. 🎨

In 1958, I graduated from the Kaunas Polytechnic Institute with a degree in radio electronics, but began devoting most of my spare time to literature. ⏫

In 2017, I published Chính Trị Bình Dân (Politics for Everyone), my ninth book. 🎽

In 2011, I had a density of population of 10,967 per km2 The subdivision has 16 municipalities and 24 census towns. 🦁

In 2004, I was a party to complaints filed with the Federal Election Commission against groups like the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and America Coming Together, for trying to directly influence federal elections. 🍇

In 1110, I and Henry V embarked on an expedition to Italy, where in Rome Henry enforced my coronation by Pope Paschal II. 🏵

In 1994, I was decided at the 10th Congress of the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language to use the universal Latin alphabet, which does not include "ch" and "ll" as letters. 📴

In 1993, I became the RPF's Director of Welfare and was placed in charge of caring for sick and disabled victims of the war. 🌷

In 2017, I became a full member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. 😐

In 1803, I received a land grant of 70 acres at Mulgrave Place. 🕦

In 1995, I asked to meet Lucey in person and confessed all. 🥇

In 1992, I won the German Junior Kart Championship. 🗨

In 1986, I suffered head injuries from a car accident in which my vehicle overturned after I lost control. ❇

In 1974, I received my Masters of Science from the University of Illinois in Botany. 🔦

In 2007, I was appointed Dean and Vice President of Research, before becoming Bursar and Director of Strategic Innovation at Trinity College. 👄

In 1878, I received a doctorate under the supervision of Felix Klein in Munich, and in 1879 I habilitated at Leipzig. ⬅

In 1507, I received Basel citizenship rights. 🚎

In 1878, I was translated to Old Machar Free Church in Aberdeen. 📅

In 1966, I began teaching electroacoustic composition at the Royal Conservatory of Music. 🕢

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