In 1960, I became president and owner of a public relations firm. 😦

In 2008, I was dubbed "The Mayor of Tap City" by Theatremania. 🌝

In 2017, I was compared to actress and model Cara Delevingne by Vogue because of my looks and my strong presence on various social media. πŸ’Š

In 1882, I married Amy Chermside, the daughter of an Anglican vicar . πŸ’°

In 1926, I became a museum, from 1980 I was one of the departments of National Museum of Montenegro. πŸ’

In 1987, I was named Model of The Year. 🌠

In 2007, I was named coach of the year by the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society. βœ…

In 1968, I wrote a poems' collection called New York City blues in which there are poems about some places in New York and the way I saw them as 125vet straed ("125th street"), Uptown-Downtown or El barrio. πŸ‘

In 1966, I was asked if I would like to hang a few of my works in the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house (where I had become a member and had lived while at Art College). πŸ’°

In 2013, I became an autonomous business entity in a restructuring exercise. 😚

In 1956, I and my partner Josef Kloimstein won the bronze medal in the coxless pairs event. β—€

In 1955, I played in The Beast with a Million Eyes with Paul Birch. β™Ž

In 2018, I sold an additionally 14.9 million copies. πŸ•

From 1997 to 1999, I served as wide receivers coach at USC. 🀘

In 2000, I was added the Coppa Rosa, a race for female cadets that takes place the day before the Coppa d'Oro. πŸ’‘

In 1959, I was sent to Europe as a correspondent for Chuokoronsha. πŸŽ‹

In 1973, I moved to New York to join the Merce Cunningham Dance Company where I danced from 1973-76. Moulton created my own company in 1978, which toured nationally and internationally for ten years. πŸ₯˜

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