In 1972, I became head of the Art Department at the Baldwin School, and 1974, I headed the Art Department of Friends Seminary. 🏊

In 1775, I was consecrated Bishop of Ardfert and Aghadoe, and was translated in 1786 to Cork, to fill the vacancy caused by the defection of Lord Dunboyne. 🚂

From 1988 to 1996, I works in the most various places of the United States, from El Paso, Texas to New York City and San Francisco. 🐇

In 1627, I was appointed as Bishop of Turku, however I did not speak Finnish when I arrived in Turku. ✝

In 2013, I was defeated in the ZANU–PF primaries for reelection to Parliament. ♻

In 1333, I was captured while besieging Ferrara, but was soon freed and fought alongside Ferrantino Malatesta against the Papal legate in Romagna. 💀

In 1973, I accepted a professorship at Princeton University and chaired the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 👁

In 1987, I was called up to the squad to face the Belgium under-21s in the 1988 UEFA European Under-21 Championship. 😠

In 1907, I purchased Twickenham, originally a cabbage patch, for England rugby's governing body the Rugby Football Union (RFU). 🍕

In 2015, I won the gold medal (70-kg class) at the Mediterranean Beach Games in Pescara. 🚿

In 2000, I became the first Canadian to win the Individual Championship title at the beach National Poetry Slam. 🥔

In 1988, I joined the Miki González band as a drummer, with which I moved away from punk and ventured into pop rock. ☠

In 2007, I was named coach of the year by the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society. ✅

In 1993, I obtained my PhD at the same university with a thesis titled: 'Thermolysis of arene derivatives with coal-type hydrogen donors', studying with Prof. ⛴

In 1903, I was elected a member of the Dutchess County Board of Supervisors. 🌔

In 1904, I became a member of the Corps Bavaria Erlangen. ⚖

In 1807, I graduated from Harvard College, and began the practice of law in Boston, but devoted my attention chiefly to literature. 📓

In 1948, I recorded the first album produced in Venezuela: “Diamante Negro” quickstep. 🏺

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