In 1900, I married Edward deLacour, a judge of the Appeal Tax Court of Baltimore. ⭐

In 1831, I was decorated with 2nd class Order of Saint Anna, and in 1837 I has conferred the rank of major-general in the Russian army. 🙂

In 2003, I travelled to America as an exchange student, which enabled him to stay for a full year and train under Chris Hero. 🌠

Until 2003, I was Secretary of Studies at the Thomas Institute in Utrecht. 🥔

In 1946, I won a gold medal for my bronze fountain figure for the New Council House, College Green, Bristol, which however was never erected. 💘

In 2018, I received the Václav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent in recognition of my democracy activism. 👫

In 1950, I ran successfully on the Democratic Party ticket for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives, representing Union County. 🏹

In 1959, I invested £500 in the Pilbara with Lang Hancock and Peter Wright, entitling him to 15 per cent of any future royalties. 🥈

In 2011, I received the First CNRS Medal of Innovation. ♻

In 2004, I succeeded Jaap R. Bruijn, as Professor of Maritime History. 🦈

In 1940, I became a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Party. 📅

In 1970, I received my first Canada Council for the Arts grant. 🕤

In 1685, I is listed as one of the founders of the "Company of Scotland Trading with Africa and the Indies" generally just known as the Company of Scotland. 👩

In 1953, I was also appointed minister of the economy and social affairs in Abdallah El-Yafi's government. 💴

In 2004, I played a supporting role in Morning Raga and made a cameo appearance in Dhoom. 🔎

In 1989, I was listed as the John Lutterloh Residence - Cedar Key Historical Museum in A Guide to Florida's Historic Architecture, published by the University of Florida Press. 🚛

In 1943, I served as the assistant to Georg Ostrogorsky, expert in Byzantine studies. 🎅

In 2009, I was part of the Swiss under-17 team that won the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup beating host nation Nigeria 1–0 in the final. 🍈

In 1979, I was one of the first companies to introduce a hard disk drive form factor compatible with a floppy disk drive, the SA1000 form factor compatible with the 8-inch floppy drive form factor. 🥙

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