In 1796, I joined the staff of General Armand Samuel then campaigning in the Revolutionary Wars. 👾

In 1750, I moved to physics but retired two years later to become an advisor to the Commander of Artillery. 👛

In 2004, I was named to the California-Hawaii All-America first team and was also named the CIF player of the year. 🆚

In 2004, I moved to Rio de Janeiro, and took a course in performance in the Casa das Artes de Laranjeirasen (CAL). 🚊

In 1957, I was named the German Sportspersonality of the Year for my national achievements. 🔄

In 2003, I was elected to the Nebraska Radio Personalities Hall of Fame. 🚀

In 1994, I acted in Prakash Jha's telefilm Didi which focused on the education of female children in rural areas. 🕓

In 2006, I was killed at my office in Bethesda, Maryland, by a 19-year-old patient. 🍒

In 1999, I signed to Tribunal Records, releasing my first and by far most popular album, Rain in Endless Fall. 📠

In 1789, I married Cécile Grihault dit Larivière. 📳

In 1836, I began to teach in the extramural medical school, and my lectures on medical jurisprudence soon became popular. ❓

In 1980, I became director of the Bouquet Roldán Hospital in Neuquén City. 🔭

In 1961, I became a member of the club Visens venner (friends of folk song). 🌥

In 1957, I was awarded the George Eastman Award, given by George Eastman House for distinguished contribution to the art of film. 🔳

From 1964 to 1978, I was married to Prince Muhammad bin Talal—younger brother of the late HM King Hussein of Jordan—by whom I has two sons, Prince Talal and Prince Ghazi. 🈹

In 1987, I moved with my family to Cornwall and became involved with Rob Poole, John Nelson and The Lost Gardens of Heligan. 💠

In 1979, I graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences. 🚠

In 1932, I set up World Pictures (later renamed Films Around The World), a film distribution company that also worked on the development of specialist cinemas. 🏾

In 2019, I was chosen to represent the Brewers at the All-Star Futures Game. 🛒

In 1996, I was elected to the American Society for Clinical Investigation. 🌻

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