In 1872, I married the merchant Eugen Rautenstrauch (1842-1900), who continued my father's import business of animal skins. 🔐

In 2003, I received the Istrian Arts Award "for special achievements in shaping, researching and preserving the cultural identity of Istria. 🤠

In 2002, I received the DGA's honorary life member award. 💳

In 1990, I was posthumously inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame (along with Blind Blake and Lonnie Johnson). 🏜

In 1934, I played against the era's other woman champion, Vera Menchik, in an unofficial Amsterdam match and, subsequently, in an official 1937 world championship match in Semmering, Austria. ⚔

In 2011, I was appointed strategy advisor at HRV Fit, developer of ithlete, the mobile heart rate variability application. 🍯

In 1991, I was appointed Minister of Tourism and Environment. 🕣

In 1686, I became conseiller honoraire of the Parlement d’Aix (I was then intendant des galères at Marseille, fonction a role I occupied from 1 May 1685 to 1688). 🤚

In 2007, I tied for first place with Julio Granda, Varuzhan Akobian, Darcy Lima and Eduardo Iturrizaga in the American Continental Championship in Cali. ⛔

In 2015, I returned to Liga Deportiva Alajuelense. 🌽

In 1958, I wrote the seminal book The Passing of Traditional Society: Modernizing the Middle East. 😎

In 1982, I graduated rom Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island with a B.A. 🚇

In 1983, I founded my own publishing house, Baen Books, specializing in the adventure, fantasy, military science fiction, and space opera genres. 📚

In 1999, I led the Arntsen Committee which drew out the principles for that year's central wage negotiations in Norway. 🍥

In 1833, I married Inger Kistine Petersen from Berg. 🎅

In 1922, I had leading roles in Oliver Morosco's productions Wait Till We're Married and Abie's Irish Rose. 🏬

In 2002, I formed the Devin Townsend Band, which recorded and toured for two of my solo releases. 🛤

In 2005, I achieved wide recognition by participating in the first season of a successful local LNK television music competition franchise Kelias į žvaigždes, where I became the runner-up. 🙁

In 2010, I was elected honorary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 🐸

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