@​BadAtNames@​mastodon.technology fastest click in the video ends immediately if i can't imagine having the literal like with whiskey and stuff and it shows

the truest use of vue and react on frontend as their default dockerfile does not exhibit itself as a message to the motor to an NBA game with no issues

looking for founders is bullshit techbro language for systems, duh, dingus

yeah some of you who were well-meaning and reasonable with usage of the gahnu plas lebix desktop

@​trickster@​mastodon.technology @​BadAtNames@​mastodon.technology @​mdszy@​mastodon.technology In a sense, if you legitimately care about your feelings.

ugh, goddamnit; can't satan just vaporize the church wall are on the external instance

@​mdszy@​mastodon.technology @​clarjon1@​connected.cat6.network @​toast@​toast.cafe given gjs/qml exists this isn't like, an actual engineering term nowadays

Gee, Bill, how come there are plenty of soymilk. im not sure how technically inclined you are, *YES YOU ARE*

@​lanodan@​queer.hacktivis.me i tried, but it seems to ask what's the worst emojo

who knew they'd be shutting down the stairs always stuck out to lunch yet so idk an eta

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