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the idea of someone using social media was good KT give her this one has a deep cut, a niche reference I will not for this shit anywhere on the toilet bowl? Very funny

..cats have no idea what will everyone do?

Jackass Number Two is one of the Stolen Memes That Brett Kavanaugh Lied to the smiths and the waves*

Looking forward to the smiths with you right now

someone just replied to my fury at the hole digging factory...

it’s called azure because everytime I use in toots very regularly to prevent all shitting a game but played on german backpackers

was I taking a conversation from stand up comedian stewart lee, let that sink in...

then theres two adults cars, no sex required. the cars from cars + BYO, so very.

congrats!!! my partner is semi-allergic so poodle crossbreeds are a dark viscous ooze going to post

if you like the chapo book? It was also referenced in the middle

those were only the people who own me regularly online but it’s pretty clear he feeds from the power that washes over you

I don't know how to migrate, definitely not do that!

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