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✨ Theme Sharing ✨ is the star of Vivaldi 5.0. The browser has a dynamic new Theme Editor.

You can import/export themes to your heart's content AND there’s a new place to share and discover themes by the community

Learn more 👉vi.tc/3ohYXxK

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Status of @Nemomobile in December/2021.

Halium devices (@hello_volla, Pixel 3, Xiaomi mi9t Pro) with @ManjaroLinuxARM, @thepine64 PineTab, PinePhone/+Pro.

New apps: package-manager, weather, Pure maps

Fixed DPI, improved voice calls, SMS, and more..


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@kdecommunity Plasma Mobile on @hello_volla Phone using @ManjaroLinuxARM .

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and Developer Editions have been dispatched! 🥳

See 'stock, availability and shipping' for more info: pine64.org/availability-and-sh

(pictured: PinePhone Pro Dev units)

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This is our first release of @ManjaroLinuxARM featuring for the . It ships with 5.16-rc2 kernel. For the regular by @thepine64 we use 5.15 LTS. github.com/manjaro-pinephone/p

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FINALLY updated my Windows vs Linux benchmarking with Windows 11. Featuring @Linux_Mint @fedora and @manjarolinux youtu.be/5fwLwfRWcBU

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Got @NemoMobile on @ManjaroLinuxARM running on Google Pixel 3a! Thanks to @lukapanio @xmlich02 and @neochapay

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When you put clever and creative together, quirky insights emerge. Learn the (often hilarious) truth behind Vivaldi and @manjarolinux collaboration in this blog plus video chat.👇

ICYMI: Vivaldi is the default browser on Manjaro's Cinnamon.


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Seems texting is working on the by @thepine64 via eg25-manager... Calls work also but no profiles yet.

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Which package format you guys like more to see when we drop pacman as package manager at @ManjaroLinuxARM for device images?

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