More than 8hrs with Megi's kernel on a with powered by @ManjaroLinuxARM. Wakeup from in under 4 ringtones!

Original tweet :

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@manjarolinux how do you make calls in Manjaro? Does it have Signal?

@pj @manjarolinux The variant of Manjaro shown above uses Phosh, which comes with Calls (both software developed by @purism). Signal is still difficult, but at least texting can be achieved with #Anbox and the Signal Android app or with #Axolotl, originally built for #UbuntuTouch, which isn't easy to install yet:

@linmob @pj @manjarolinux @purism I joined the effort to make #axolotl a better unofficial client. We're about to release version 0.9 which brings messages status. If you're interested please join Axolotl-dev on telegram!

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