@manjarolinux there's is some typo but great article. I'm keen to try this out in December for the @kde edition. Yes most people don't understand that @PINE64 don't make much profit selling those editions. You don't build; as said a "supercomputer/surveillance device" who's totally open source hardware at an accessible price. It's for hackers and developers ATM. I guess the final product would cost 5 times more like @purism with the their #librem5.

@manjarolinux the good thing about the #pinephone is that this is upgradeable. You can change the battery or the motherboard easily. So have a phone that least more time than this current consumerist monopoly we have on the phone's market today. Next would be like @Fairphone does and have ethical hardware but you would have to pay more for that. There's some trade-off but it's what is take to build a better society. Those are really great projects!
@kde @PINE64 @purism

@feyn @manjarolinux @kde @PINE64 @purism I don't think the price will rise so much in the near future. My guess is that it'll remain strongly rooted in the community for some time to come

@manjarolinux @kde Well, nice post, but why the hell there need to be so many approaches and interfaces to a free mobile device? Seeing Plasma Mobile and UB Touch there are even two using Qt, but none adopting any of the most used Java or ObjC/Swift API. This is going to stay a toy considering the strategy of this approach.

@letterus @manjarolinux @kde I'm not concerned. Just because the desktops use Qt or GTK or whatever doesn't mean the apps have to. Though some, like me, would argue they *should*.

It shouldn't be too hard to get Android apps running on it, especially since all these mobile shells agree on stuff like how apps should package their metadata. I just wish Apple/Google followed the same standards rather than invent their own.

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