We created a new server and are still checking on getting the email server back. DNS updates might take also a while, such as https setup. You can reach the website of @manjarolinux here:

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Seems we pulled a wrong cable on our manjaro.org server. We are currently looking at it. Our forums and wiki is still online, however we might not send emails for a while ...

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Wow, we served over 36.2 TB of Packages and 401.5 TB of ISOs via our partner @CDN77com. This results in 1418 TB and 56.4 TB on total data transfer since early April 2021. Seems @manjarolinux is a popular product ...

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We are glad to have our 3rd of @manjarolinux out. Latest feature are automatic backups via Timeshift on any package upgrade action. This we enable when you choose as your filesystem. Try it out now! github.com/manjaro/release-rev

Original tweet : twitter.com/ManjaroLinux/statu

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We've had a blast launching in to the cloud space. We've learned quite a bit and look forward to this exciting upcoming year! Happy Birthday Shells.com !!,

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BE shipment getting ready for dispatch next week.

More details on our Stock, Availability and Shipping page pine64.org/availability-and-sh

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The new release candidate hit our @manjarolinux branch. It will bring the latest , and to the table. Install medias are expected later today ...

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Don't miss out on @shellsdotcom giveaway to celebrate 10 years of @manjarolinux. Rules to win it, see above ^^

Original tweet : twitter.com/ManjaroLinux/statu

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