Looking forward to optimize another by our partner @Beelinkofficial. The is just for comparison...

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Latest @manjarolinux 21.0.4 'Ornara' install media are now available from @CDN77com. Once more, most packages have been updated and regular fixes included. manjaro.org/download

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New Linux Format 276 on sale now!

Escape Google Photos and create your own photo storage, backup and viewing server to enjoy your photos! We build a NextCloud server, backup with Raspberry Pi and use Lychee to organise them all.


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.@starlabsltd returned to their lab with only one goal - to create an impressively powerful, lightweight Linux laptop. Find out more: eu.starlabs.systems/pages/star

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Even Darth is happy about the latest updates of @manjarolinux to our testing branch: Kernels, Mesa, Nvidia 465.27, VirtualBox, LxQt 0.17, Deepin, Gnome Apps 40.1 - More info in our forum: forum.manjaro.org/t/64983

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To have some data saving, the shutdown after 2 days and more than 9 hrs having about 5% battery life left.

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Get our latest @manjarolinux stable release install medias now from @CDN77com. We updated most of the packages and fixed some issues. manjaro.org/download

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@Guerrilla Hi. The "PC" version of Horizon Zero Dawn is now playable with good performance on Linux. Made possible by @CodeWeavers and @valvesoftware. I tested on @manjarolinux with @NVIDIAGeForce
GTX 1660 Ti.

Full video linked below.

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If you try to use the AUR via , well you currently can't. Due to intense requests to the AUR-Server our User-Agent got temporally blocked, until we find a proper solution to reduce our requests. Find out more about it on our Issue tracker: gitlab.manjaro.org/application

Original tweet : twitter.com/ManjaroLinux/statu

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