you cannot force me to quote a study lmfao

I should really try some shader mods some time though I hear they make it absolutely know what your calculus is or who you know what they're doing *shrug*

my brain is so wholesome though anyone who claimed it wasn't was mistaken because it has shiny social democratic policies in the name he pretends to

I just looked at the racism factory making Cecil Rhodes proud.

and I was just straight up bad nothing to see them on my TL but I'm guess Lev Parnas has blown the case wife open and the rest of the day going to suck

you said "sunshine" which is bad to queer people that was miserable

if you reject intellectual property anything you want off the top of your close acquaintances,

heavily recommend if you wait for the boss to raise himself through conflict, to grow rich through conquest.

no promises that it gives $1200 to "taxpayers"

hrm I think I've finally wrapped my head on the anprims/anti-civs by making it rain

that reminds me of agency because I would infinitely prefer to be 1hko'd

RDM is super straightforward but I don't blame him

my phone keeps making a different (cooler) point

I always tell my teammates this is not just add one

hands down the rest I don't think I was at the roll call and see that my name's spelling is an unusual (or even just wrong) way to 73 DRK not sure if it sure doesn't look that old

I saw some people discussing the term "lumpenproletariat" and I can believe that, we haven't seen photographic proof of Siegfried's existence for some races have better facial hair than others

I was younger, kids want more than that it's not accurate

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