And, O royal Yudhishthira, mercy and self control, and truth and universal sympathy, and everything wonderful in this world, are to be found in thee.

Beholding his sons and grandsons and brothers and friends lying dead, he said unto me these words, O chief of Bharata’s race, The destruction of this our race has at last come.

He, O king, for whom thou grievest now lies within a lake whose waters have been solidified by him!

(At that time) I heard, O thou of mighty arms, that three maidens, all unrivalled for beauty, daughters of the ruler of Kasi, by name Amva, Amvika, and Amvalika would select husbands for themselves, and that all the kings of the earth, O bull of the Bharatas race, had it behoveth thee to do towards me that which is consistent with morality.

I do not wish to say anything more unto thee, O foremost of Bharatas race.

O princess, I never act, solicitous of the fruits of my actions.

Hearing those words of Vidura, the son of Vichitravirya, wondering, said in great glee, What good luck, O Vidura!

But, O thou of the Kuru race, Pradyumna sailed out, and, O great king, bidding the Anarttas be of good cheer, said, Waver ye not, and staying behold me fight I Even I shall, by force, repell that car with Salwa on it!

O god among men, the father himself becoming the son rescueth himself from hell.

Vaishampayana said, Listen, O king, to this wonderful history of what transpired truly in a former Kalpa!

Many and awful, O monarch, were the encounters that took place in course of that battle.

It is said, O Matali, that when the end of the world cometh, mighty fire burst forth from within it, and spreading consumeth the three worlds with all their mobile and immobile objects.

O thou of fair hips, I act virtuously, not from the desire of reaping the fruits of virtue, but of not transgressing the ordinances of the Veda, and beholding also the conduct of the good and wise!

These beneficial and excellent words, fraught with reason, that thou, O mighty-armed one, hast said do not seem acceptable to me, O foremost of Brahmanas.

Those words of the sages, O Janardana, are now being realised, since the Kshatriyas are undergoing almost entire extermination in consequence of Duryodhanas acts!

Hear, O king, this which is a mystery of the gods, O chief of Bharata’s race.

Yudhishthira said, Break this array once, O foremost of warriors, and make a passage for us.

Endued with little understanding, thou, O Karna, disregarding that lion among men, viz., the son of Pandu, yellest at him, like a jackal that, disregarding a maned lion excited with wrath, yells at him.

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