I have not for fourteen long years, O chastiser of foes, beheld the princess of Panchala, that daughter-in-law of mine who herself hath been a prey to constant anxiety on account of her children, whom she hath not seen for that period.

O descendant of Kuru, in these delightful and sacred and heaven-like halls of assembly a long time hath fleeted away in thy company without my seeing Vasudeva, Valadeva and other leaders of the Vrishni race.

Arjuna said, Tell me, O holy one, this story that I may understand it, viz., this illustration about Valaka and about Kausika (living) among rivers.

I have, O thou of virtuous soul, escaped with difficulty from Kritavarma at a time when he was heedless!

Vaisampayana said, Great was the uproar, at that time, O king, of both men and women standing on the terraces of mansions or on the Earth.

Thus addressed by the illustrious son of Pandu, the Gandharvas, laughing aloud, replied unto him saying, O child, there is but one in the world whose behests we obey and living under whose rule we pass our days in happiness: O Bharata, we always act as that one only person commandeth us!

And sometimes after the wedding, the daughter of Hiranyavarman, O best of monarchs, attained her youth while the daughter of Drupada also had attained hers.

Suffused with shame, O monarch, the king then addressed Saradwats son, saying, Blessed be thou, say thou, before others, why the army is thus flying away.

The fame, O king, of all righteous men hath righteousness for its basis!

And, O lord of men, in thy presence he ever crieth me down.

Thou, O Karna, challengest Dhananjaya, the son of Pritha, even like a hare challenging a mighty elephant with tusks large as plough-shafts, and with the juice issuing out of its mouth and rent cheeks.

Utanka said, I know thee, O Janarddana, to be the creator of the universe.

The Pandavas said, How, O Brahmana, did the birth of Dhrishtadyumna the son of Drupada, take place from the (sacrificial) fire?

It is not wonderful that they should have victory whom Thou always protectest in battle, and in whose welfare Thou art always engaged, O Kesava!

O Lord of all the worlds, thou art the one whose shelter should be sought.

Yayati then said, I solicit the boon, O Brahmana, that by so doing, the sin of begetting a half-breed might not touch me.

That foe of thine, O bull of Kurus race, lieth today on the bare ground, pierced all over with arrows.

O child, sons and servants and attendants and even strangers speak harsh words unto the man who always forgiveth.

Having achieved the most difficult feats, both of them, O sinless one, have departed hence to heaven.

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