The Supreme Lord of the universe said unto him, Performing a sacrifice, bathe with due rites, O chief of the celestials, in Aruna, that tirtha which saveth from the fear of sin!

If I slay him, O Keshava, I will not be able to live in this world for even a moment.

How then, O bull of Bharatas race, will our purpose be achieved?

Teeming with all kinds of gems, the Earth, with her forests and mountains, O monarch, once more cometh to thee that hast no foes alive!

I shall today pluck out the dart, O son of Pandu, that lay so long sticking to thy heart!

How, indeed, O Sanjaya, was Shalya slain by king Yudhishthira the just?

Indeed, repairing quickly to Gautamas asylum, O king, he presented those ear-rings unto the wife of his preceptor, O sinless one.

Gandhari, conversant with every duty, bore her sorrow with fortitude, and loaded as her heart was, O king, said nothing.

That battle, O sire, awful as it was, became wonderful to behold.

But, O giver of proper respect, the curse that Urvasi hath denounced on thee will be to thy benefit, O child, and stand thee in good stead.

O thou of incomparable prowess, O king of the Madras, for the destruction of the foe, I solicit thee today, with humility and bow of the head.

And soon the prince of Panchala afflicted his foe with five and twenty arrows, and then slew his steeds, O king, and then both the protectors of his wings.

Divested of his armour, thy son, O king, looked exceedingly beautiful, like a snake, O monarch, having cast off his slough at the proper season.

O, answer me truly, for this, indeed, is the rule followed by the honest.

Phalguna, who was careful in observing every duty, having caused this duty to be performed, proceeded, O chief of Bharata’s race, next to the place where the Vrishnis were slaughtered.

O bull of the Bharata race, who is there that will provoke the peaceful sons of Pritha?

Karna said, I have, O son of Gandhari, said before in thy presence, even these words, vanquish all the Pandavas with their sons and Janardana!

And it hath been heard by me, O king, that, though hurled from heaven, Yayati, without reaching the surface of the Earth, stayed in the firmament.

Such a person, O king, would obtain that which thou hast obtained.

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