Contracting his brow into three lines, and waving his arms repeatedly, and rolling his large eyes red in wrath, that warrior of massive arms proud of his lineage and wealth and knowledge and strength, said these words: Shalya said, Since, O son of Gandhari, thou describest me, O thou of Kurus race, in the midst of all these troops, to be superior to Devakis son, I am gratified with thee.

And he said, In order that, O Bharata, peace may be established between the Kurus and the Pandavas without a slaughter of the heroes, I have come hither.

Joy in the happiness of others, grief at sight of other peoples misery, desire to alleviate distress, abstention from injury, sincerity, forgiveness, and truth,--these, O Bharata, prevail amongst the Kurus.

O thou of faultless limbs, O thou that art endued with large eyes casting quick glances, he upon whom thou wilt look with desire is sure to be stricken.

Well-trained horsemen, O king, surrounding great car-warriors, careered on the field, striking and slaying the latter with spears and darts and swords.

It behoveth thee not, therefore, O amiable Queen, to either doubt or censure God or act, with a foolish heart.

O charming one, at the very first glance hast thou stolen my heart!

But good betide thee, O ruler of the earth, I ask thee to do one thing only.

And, O monarch, let the man know also that both thyself and Duryodhana have become exceedingly glad in consequence of what hath happened.

Even this, O king, is the virtue ordained by God himself for the order to which thou belongest!

8 Janamejaya said, Having heard of Karnas fall and the slaughter of his sons, what, O foremost of regenerate ones, did the king say, after he had been a little comforted?

Narada said, Repairing at my will to the mansion of Sakra, I have seen Sakra the lord or Sachi; and there, O royal sage.

Citrasena, the ruler of the sea-coast, with his son, O Bharata, hath been forcibly despatched by Samudrasena to Yamas abode.

Praise thou, O Bhishma, this Karna, the ruler of the territories of Anga and Vanga, who is equal in strength unto him of a thousand eyes, who draweth a large bow, who endued with mighty arms owneth celestial ear-rings of heavenly make with which he was born and this coat of mail possessing the splendour of the rising sun, who vanquished in a wrestling encounter the invincible Jarasandha equal unto Vasava himself, and who tore and mangled that monarch.

It is in this region, O foremost of Brahmanas, that those illustrious and truth-speaking Munis called by the name of Dharma, guard the source of the Ganges.

O Naishadha, while dwelling in disguise at my house, I hope I did not wrong thee in any way, O lord of the earth!

In consequence, O monarch, of steeds, covered with arrows, dragging after them, as they ran, a large number of slain combatants, the tracks on many parts of the field became entirely blocked up.

And, O king, accept this copper-vessel which I give unto thee.

It behoveth thee, O holy one, to do that which is consistent with reason.

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