After this, O chief of Bharata’s race, the god of the fire disappeared then and there.

Vrihaspati said, O Indra, I have heard that Marutta will perform a great sacrifice at which exquisite presents will be given by him (to Brahmanas) and that at his sacrifice Samvarta will act as the officiating priest, and therefore do I desire that he may not officiate as priest at that sacrifice.

When Partha, called also Savyasaci, taking up his celestial bow, will scorch the (Kuru) army and afflict thee exceedingly with keen shafts, then, O Sutas son, wilt thou repent (of thy folly).

O Yudhishthira, Madhava is the progenitor as also the destroyer of all created beings of the four species, (oviparous, etc.,) existing in the three worlds.

Dhritarashtra said, What, indeed, O Sanjaya, did Duryodhana say when he saw that Karna turning away from the field upon whom my sons had reposed all their hopes of victory?

Let, therefore, the dice be cast and the rules of play be fixed, O Yudhishthira.

Behind him was Bhima; next walked Arjuna; after him were the twins in the order of their birth; behind them all, O foremost one of Bharata’s race, proceeded Draupadi, that first of women, possessed of great beauty, of dark complexion, and endued with eyes resembling lotus petals.

Sanjaya said, Blessed be thou, O king, I have no regard for the illusion (that is identified with worldly pleasures) and I never practise the useless virtues (of vows and work without reliance on Him and purity of Soul).

Vaisampayana said, After some length of time, O best of monarchs, Devayani of the fairest complexion went into the same woods for purposes of pleasure.

I am, O king, a Muni who liveth on fruits and roots, though disguised as a deer.

O handsome lady, know me as the sister of that chief of the Rakshasa.

Whether peace is to be established by (apparent) sin or by any other means, O Kesava, speak such words as may prove beneficial to us.

The beautiful Arundhati said unto him, Our store of food hath been exhausted, O Brahmana!

decked with gold, cut off by Hridikas son with his shafts, dropped down from his body, O king, like a cluster of stars dropping down from the firmament.

O sinless one, thou art afflicting all creatures by thy hard penances.

In this way, O thou sinless one, thy word will be rendered true, and the worlds with the gods will not be destroyed.

Knowing all this, O auspicious lady, do not set thy heart on sorrow.

And soon the prince of Panchala afflicted his foe with five and twenty arrows, and then slew his steeds, O king, and then both the protectors of his wings.

Having listened to all this, O king Drupada, do what thou desirest.

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