Yudhishthira said, What words from me, O Sanjaya, hast thou heard, indicative of war, that thou apprehendest war?

Thus, O timid one, was the existing usage established of old by Swetaketu, the son of Uddalaka, in defiance of antiquity.

Success has been attained by thee, O mighty-armed one, and eternal regions (of felicity) have become thine.

Trita, O king, with a cheerful heart was walking before them.

91 Sanjaya said, Then Vasudeva, stationed on the car, addressed Karna, saying, By good luck it is, O son of Radha, that thou rememberest virtue!

Baladeva of great beauty, surrounded by Brahmanas, then went to that spot, O monarch, where Rushangu had, in former days, cast off his body.

Through the power of the high-souled god who had granted that boon to Arundhati and through the energy of thyself, O amiable one, I shall duly grant thee another boon now, that the person who will reside in this tirtha for only one night and bathe here with soul fixed (on meditation), will, after casting off his body obtain many regions of blessedness that are difficult of acquisition (by other means)!

Seeing then that army thus smitten by thy son, O king, the Panchalas headed by Bhimasena rushed at them.

Then Arjuna said, What need, O Bhima, for keeping the Rakshasa alive so long?

Yudhishthira then, O king, with his brothers repaired to that lake from desire of slaying Duryodhana.

Then Arjuna, O monarch, in shame, touched king Yudhishthiras feet with his head.

Do thou hear me, with concentrated attention, O regenerate one, as I speak to thee!

These also, O chief of Bharatas race, I shall unite with great benefit.

This however, O Bharata, seemed to me to be a great marvel that I behold you all come safe and sound in body, with your wives, troops, and vehicles, out of that super-human encounter.

Marutta said, I feel as if instilled with new life, by these thy words, O Narada, but O the best of speakers, do thou tell me where I can find Samvarta, and how I can remain by his side, and how I am to act so that he may not abandon me, for I do not desire to live if I meet with a rebuff from him also.

Yudhishthira said, In human society, O mighty and highly intelligent The serpent replied, O scion of the Bharatas race, my belief is that the man who bestows alms on proper objects, speaks kind words and tells the truth and abstains from doing injury to any creature goes to heaven.

And O mighty monarch, not finding her lord Naishadha, afflicted with grief and pain, she shrieked aloud in fright, saying, O lord?

What And in that part of the field headless trunks stood up by thousands, amongst the troops, O Bharata, of both the Kauravas and the Pandavas.

During those years, king Drupada, O monarch, paid his adoration to the god Sankara for the sake of offspring, resolving in his mind to compass my destruction and practising the austerest of penances.

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