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[OP] Updated names to use the scrabble letter frequency distribution, which should hopefully make names less consistently silly, while still kind of silly.

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[Op] And we're back! Got a new system running that should avoid the previous problems with hour drift. Can also gear down the toot frequency very easily if people find the bot posts too often.

This is Efrememerd, a loud heroic wicked bagpipes developed by fey. Historical documents speak of its use in the playing of sport, though unfortunately do not elaborate on this point.

This is the Wand of Eszasaidneovyi, a confident heroic waterborne wand created by giants. Or rather, this is a skilled imitation from the same era that has subsumed the legend of the original, which was destroyed.

This is the Club of Ot'omewnendauw, a repulsive arcane key club crafted by dragons. It is cursed to engender a belief in all who meet its current owner that said person stole it and is a thief by nature.

This is Oaa's emblem, a loud heroic wicked emblem forged by dwarves. It rejects attempts by bad-tempered individuals to use it.

This is the Sling of Oise-eifuenoa, a covetous heroic guardian sling tooled by gnomes. It is only visible to the left eyes of binocular lifeforms, appearing translucent when viewed with both eyes.

This is Sitivaeox's chain shirt, a hungry symbolic delver chain shirt forged by gnomes. It has been repaired so many times it is difficult to say whether any vestige of the original object remains.

This is Umwoptayir, a slothful ornament language spear forged by humans. It is perpetually vibrating.

This is Ohoheonossa, a repulsive sinister sentinel pauldrons crafted by fey. It is naturally sterile and hypoallergenic, regardless of what materials it comes into contact with.

This is Hiradaf, a metamorphic religious compass lance made by celestials. It is incredibly fragile and must be handled with care.

This is the covetous hide shirt, a covetous ornament temperate hide shirt forged by elves. It was part of a short-lived attempt to manufacture magical items, and bears an embossed serial number along its side.

This is Vlute-a's rapier, a covetous arcane conscientious rapier made by elves. It menaces with spikes of bread.

This is Elasrtat's helm, a frail religious harmonious helm made by elves. It's mostly green.

This is Absimeranbiy's longbow, a covetous sinister unbreakable longbow developed by humans. It smells of cake.

This is the Breastplate of Onaaigelif, a repulsive religious unbreakable breastplate made by elves. It smells of cake.

This is the bane scimitar, a painful bane compass scimitar developed by orcs. It has a variety of exciting magical powers but cannot perform its mundane function at all.

This is the sinister longsword, a muttering sinister sentinel longsword designed by elves. When casually released in the air it hovers gently where it was left until retrieved.

This is Tkecaugiglguea's bag, a slothful prophetic beacon bag made by drow. It menaces with spikes of bread.

This is the Cape of Ajooselbananeg, a hungry sinister compass cape developed by aberrations. It is eminently wearable, despite all concerns to the contrary its appearance might imply.

This is the hidden message shortsword, a metamorphic bane hidden message shortsword forged by undead. It is cursed to engender a belief in all who meet its current owner that said person stole it and is a thief by nature.

This is Iphiarpea, a hungry arcane gleaming scimitar tooled by humans. It's mostly green.

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