'Hidden Ancients' by Daren Bader Ø 1998-10-12

The only alert the invaders had was the rustling of leaves on a day without wind.

'Enchanted Evening' by Rebecca Guay Ø 2008-05-02

In the reflection, she saw the rough shell of the world sloughing away, revealing the truth shining underneath.

'Spectral Shepherd' by Johann Bodin Ø 2021-11-19

The restless geists of common folk often continue their lifelong labors.

'Junktroller' by Chippy Ø 2005-10-07

One man's trash is another man's troller.

'Drake Familiar' by Darrell Riche Ø 2005-10-07

"Falconry? A fine sport I suppose, if you're attracted to the frailty of birds."
—Trivaz, Izzet mage

'Kozilek, the Great Distortion' by Aleksi Briclot Ø 2016-01-22

A void as cryptic as reality itself.

'Lurking Evil' by Scott Kirschner Ø 1998-10-12

"Ash is our air, darkness our flesh."
—*Phyrexian Scriptures*

'Umbral Juke' by Bram Sels Ø 2021-04-23

The sport of Mage Tower was conceived as a playful testing ground for young spellcasters.

'Wu Elite Cavalry' by Li Wang Ø 1999-07-06

At the second battle of Ruxu, the brave Wu general Gan Ning raided Cao Cao's camp of 400,000 men with only 100 cavalry. Not a single man or horse was lost.

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