Bring back British temperate rainforests 🙏
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5. Here’s what British temperate rainforest looks like.
(Wistman’s Wood on Dartmoor, photo by Neil Burnell).

complete the sequence: Jon Conway - game of life, Craig Reynolds - boids, karl Sims - Evolved Creatures... any more contemporary developments along this line? Asking for a near burnt-out lecturer on a tight turnaround😅

According to Twitter's automated curated categories, this is a prime-spot example of "Funny Tweets" 🤨

"most Bitcoin is produced in China...where subsidized coal-fired power plants produce some of the cheapest energy in the world...mined in Xinjiang province...where Uighur Muslim minorities have been inflicted with horrific human rights abuses mining coal used to create Bitcoin."
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Bitcoin is now worth $50,000 — and it's ruining the planet faster than ever.

My latest run through Bitcoin's eye-watering experiment int…

testing out, I gave it the image on the top left, and yes, I think the others have the same energy.

the two responses have been trading212 and Freetrade premium. trading212 have decided to intervene and stop trading on whatever reddit is buying and have also stopped taking new customers. Freetrade has a freemium version that lets you trade with a delay, so you need the Premium

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What’s the UK/EU equivalent to the robinhood app?

So hedge funds are saying that a reddit mob going all in on the same bet is illegal market manipulation, and yet a hedge fund is basically how a large group of rich people put their money into a joint account to go all in on risky bets.

Can reddit now take down the oil and gas industry?

dark corners of my timeline going "but I'm going to be so rich with cryptoart I can buy that sweet carbon negativity off some poor timber farmers in the global south and take credit for it" or "macdonalds gets away with it, so why not cryptoartists?" Welp

more on Institutional Critique, and one artist that blew my mind in his role in exposing the workings of the art institution is Hans Haacke:

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Memo Atken's is a brilliant piece of 'Institutional Critique' for the digital art world. As these new institutions emerge, we need to hold them to account and expose any contentious social, political, and environmental underpinnings. Thank you @memotv

I've compromised my art career to symbolically work in shiny new buildings I currently can't step foot in (ಥ﹏ಥ)
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Students aren’t paying £9k for teaching. They’re paying £9k a year so VCs can pay back multi-million pound loans used to fund shiny new buildings in which sessional lecturers work underpaid and without enough support.

Elizabeth Cotten, playing the guitar upside-down, with the EADGBE arrangement switched to EBGDAE, and plucking the high notes with her thumb, leaving the rest of the hand to arpeggiate the bassline and chords. What a great technique and style
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Remembering Elizabeth Cotten who was born 125 years ago this week. Here she is performing “Washington Blues,” a song she wrote in January 1965 at the age of 70.

I've become deeply convinced by agroforestry, it's one of the most promising shifts we can do to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss. This year, I'm aiming to start a small forest garden.

The Agroforestry Trust is a good start, and also this:

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