i have 3 Goldsmiths email accounts, 2 UAL accounts, and accounts with companies I've freelanced for. Please make it stop 😓 I missed an important email this month that went to account Goldv3 🙄

teaching at @ual_cci@twitter.com is forcing me to take a much more studious approach to using @p5xjs@twitter.com, in which I strip back and unpack both process and purpose, and look at the underlying algorithms and histories of computer graphics. I think this is seeding new works.

this video is impressive on so many levels, i love how the animator resourcefully uses the touchscreen +scaling tool to achieve some new form of puppetry. The screenshake for fear/anger too. I should join TikTok
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Lmfao I’m crying this is the kinda shit I deal with every WEEK

Using machine learning and computer vision to detect weeds and kill them with herbicides. Building machines to seek and destroy wildlife with chemicals sounds like a terrible idea. At least make the robot selectively mow the weeds than contaminate soils: smartmachines.bluerivertechnol

cool project - permanently encase the air of Amazon fulfilment centers by exploiting the fact that they inflate those padded air cushions during the packaging process.
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New work: "Box with the air of its own making", a series of casts, photographs, and air analysis results of air cushions taken from Amazon boxes, which came from different Fulfillment Centers (warehouses) in California. (Cushions are…

How considerate of @cci@twitter.com to supply the room with RGB markers ^_^

Im joining the new UAL Creative Computing Institute @ual_cci@twitter.com as associate lecturer! So happy to be with the incredible team inc @lexmakesthings@twitter.com @phoenixperry@twitter.com @JoelGethinLewis@twitter.com @benstopher@twitter.com, Mick Grierson ✨ Thank you 🌍 🪐

see, I took the hyphen out of the Plummer-Fernandez and I've already received an email from someone who thinks Plummer is my first name. No wonder Paik Nam June adopted Nam June Paik, with the Western name order over the surname-first format used in Korea (& other countries)

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This is the moment a beluga whale returns a women’s iPhone after she drops it into the water by accident in Hammerfest harbour, Norway.

when you improvise in P5js for your class and make something based on a random image you have on your desktop

as part of the new website, I've added a work_in_progress section, as artist portfolios often leave out the messy yet insightful process. I wanted to call it DebugView but only generative artists wld get the joke, however I kept it in the URL: plummerfernandez.com/#debugvie

Thank you to whoever invented css Grid. And Luis Barragán for discovering that a certain shade of pink is the best alternative to white

I remade my website from scratch so that it’s now a static website with no cookies, platforms, google fonts, and mirrors from a GitHub copy. I decided to keep it quite minimal too. I’ll probably lower the res of the photos to cut down on data usage.

This year onwards, I am going to stop westernising my surname to Plummer-Fernandez. It's Plummer Fernández. In 2012 I had to make it more anglo-friendly because journalists assumed "Plummer" was a middle name and wld refer to me as Fernandez. Tengo dos apellidos😌🇬🇧+🇨🇴

Yikes, who turned off the profanity filter on this bot 🤖 too funny that it both perfectly fits the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles syllables AND is the title of a Wikipedia article
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Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole

I've dusted off an old Wacom tablet to play with Blender's new grease pencil mode, and its like the dormant illustrator in me has finally found a purpose. I drew the comics and political cartoons for the student union newspaper at uni, 2001


back at @shardcore@twitter.com who keeps me in check
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as someone w@shardcore@twitter.comreleased a bot that uses AI, i say: "do keep up matthew!" 😂

just teasing - this is a good read (and it's friday, so @M_PF if you aren't already!) twitter.com/ArtinAmerica/statu

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