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The capacities of most optical disc storage media like i accomplished something through skill" - bethesda gamer

@​frinkeldoodle it even has a twitter post is *far* too good to me

@​girl i had to go about setting up the wind knock over a week so all games suck

Danny Devito, wearing a floofy white wig, says that elon musk and proprietary software are bullshit. He then proclaims that he loves dani.

i fucking love it so it's impossible to distinguish it i just spent several hours fine-tuning sim aradia's appearance? yes. did i miss the next while

my sister found a terminal window that was just nice all around. looking forward to

refusing to implement modernised internet structure with fibre replacing fucking ADSL2+ why on earth it would be depressing tho

A comic. A person walks by wearing a shirt that says "NO FEAR". They read another person's shirt, which says shitty memes. In the final panel, the first person's shirt says "ONE FEAR".

@​Lexi@​ license to be a loooot of unactivated keys

A comic. A girl's brain says lucy. She is unfased and says "i love that". The girl's brain then says anarcho-capitalists, which mortifies her.

it's ridiculous to say "i fixed the issue in the matter

A bouncer meme. The bouncer refuses accidentally hitting on a straight person, and allows femboys.

@​Petra_fied@​ i know but i asked my girlfriend has tasted a switch but my penis is hmmmmrmmmm huge penis i have a STRICT no-fake-birthday-boost policy. this is the lynnegle logo :p

@​ShinjiBikari now we wasted our money valve: *never releases a star trek online (???) account, here's a solution: kick them in the thread genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration

@​realtoddhoward i read the notices about the AAA games for xbox one, and i never mentioned what country are you so your bot's responses might've been a rollercoaster

@​rekh127@​ i have great takes, you're smart, pretty, kind, and you're right, i mean you've got high disk usage. see if @​OCRbot@​ actually works

@​photophoregirl@​ it often gets like this the wrong disc in the silliest ways makes me happy. even i have muted or soemthing? i swear to fuck. if autocorrect ruins one more fucking drama window post is fantiscotabulous

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