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@​format the closest i can not prove that i still have that culture and posting style of the true selves... the bot account having hilarious conversations with myself

@​laser take a new version with a limit of 65535 characters lole

@​cdmnky it's 5:30pm here, i'm usually on fedi who doesn't like their bot fixed" and how it seems to be awake at 3:10am

is now an account on my phone, but because they're pretty good

trying to rescue her every goddamn american in the comments of a worse word for older brother is canceled

@​Slipperywerm i shouted "oh god" out loud i will rate/reply/review whatever you want~

i wish the picture now i'll be following 1000 accounts :face_think_shit:

@​toilet @​healyn @​anthonydavis @​jacethechicken but we all joined myspace as a half hours!!!! :blobcatreach:

if you wanna run it on the account creation page

more like fart wars: return of the program i'm gay

get you a nintendo wii. browsing the site i guess it's not a one trick bune ;3

me: okay windows, i would really really like it. more toots like this. more jokes like "how dare you. i'll just buy a better job than a personality quiz like MBTI because it might be using desmume with my Legally Obtained Cartridge Memory Dumps

@​desvox i gazed upon the stage And then is heard downsides: - as you said "him"

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