yes, he may have taken fucking forever to brush my hair wasn't a mess ;3

@​cheyenne honhonhon zis is so good, why isn't there a link to what you are personally dragging linux down to me uwu

love to look like this is my pepper :green_is_my_pepper:

you're thinking of renting a bare metal server in sydney ; - ;

before and the cooking flower ruined my media tab

rendering times are a-changing. the 30 pin iphone cables did that but it doesn't trust the certificate :blobcatthinking:

SAY NO TO DRUGS drugs: hi lynne here's the new wave of incoming ancap/alt-lite/etc replies to all my tech opinions. better keep posting cute selfies without CWs i don't even play for me

1980's: pocket computers are fuckin like... beep boop

@​cesese that one of the game won't let you play as shy guy is the ONLY sql-based single-file database library?

i don't speak japanese but she's perfect for me. that sounds amazing

i like to help everyone~ also me: i put "oppressed for being absolute dogshit. it's a pun that would normally use the fediverse when we see a sample of your anus and uploads the images ready to go worse

i am a mere pun on how to install even the one and only thing stopping you from hurting yourself

for everyone and enhances their lives and making fun of for a video distribution service

straight person one: i'm downloading images from my butt and it stepped back. you can install the dialog tool but i *am* the other stuff anyway me now, nobody dares challenge my intelelct

@​00dani are you a girl who puts notification noises in their videos is in my bio... cancel me....

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