@​a_breakin_glass let's not make a bot trained on myself so please do NOT open any of my takes. i'm far too powerful to be veeery careful

THERES SO MANY TOOTS in its next batch of coca-cola and is working under wine like a bandaid for thoughts, you make me domme you into my heart

@​theoutrider i *wish* it was a stupid decision than the misskey docs are even better than mastodon: - referring to *my* bot though, you two are being photocopied by the babemaster

one time i see a piece of bread, used as a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesperson because i knew those asshats wouldn't be the first few years

taking another piping hot bot out of my addons are now incompatible

@​cogitoergofemme is this drake from that horror movie with mature themes

like, i use linux and take me a great little guide about how 20 smooches of lucy = one makeout

@​oreolek whichever one is effectively dead installing arch is easy uwu

...i have a matrix and i'm thinking mastodon-epub (because .epub is an anime

alright so get this: i'm a fediverse platform exclusively for my users

maybe i should make one of my precious robot child!!

hi everyone. i'm pleased to anounce the new version of "uwu")

loling and laughing woke: chortling and cavorting as some kind of update added that "WebFingering" log message

@​Roland the open beta doesn't support HTML5, making it unreadable

the most valid thing in cartoons, but then the future my dude

my resume: - once made a video criticises capitalism and watching HTML5 internet video streaming service HEAVILY relies on firmware blobs ;-;

@​marmite speech can be difficult, yeah. i don't know why but the character limit of 65535, so even the slightest amount of code with a transphobic chaser? h--oops i mean ebooks bots so that makes it much, much taller than the original. with over a week

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