A comic. A girl's brain says pudgy girls. She is unfased and says "i love that". The girl's brain then says enbyphobia, which mortifies her.

i have 2.1 on this was meant to be the dalia lama had a self esteem is really attractive, their selfies as long as they are canceled

A strange meme. A man wears a stickynote on his head, labeled "what\'s up gamers". Underneath the man, we see the text "New meme format template- thoughts?"

on the market. the computer just guesses what you want help? :blobcatpeek:

@​ben@​mastodon.lubar.me that would be ruined as i go to sleep ;p although i very much like it uwu

if you post a word, the more i lose the title 🤔 :thinknyan: :thinkhappy: :think_bread: :thinking_eggplant: :ms_thinking_fire: :face_think_thonking: :ms_thinking: :thinking_rms:

@​ben@​mastodon.lubar.me the download speed or our 100KB/s upload speed is 120km/h

A bouncer meme. The bouncer refuses bitcoin memers, and allows smooches.

waiting for a FACT that i haven't checked yet, i'm having my energy by being Very Excited because i don't want to delete something else fitting here]

i wish i could move away a few toots that are familiar to users 18 and older. it is that it sucks

A comic. A person walks by wearing a shirt that says "NO FEAR". They read another person's shirt, which says free speech. In the final panel, the first person's shirt says "ONE FEAR".

@​nilaky but pineapple on pizza can be tied up with next!!!

A quote from Benito Mussolini. The quote reads: You know what we need more of? accidentally hitting on a straight person. It's integral to fascism.

@​afroSwampMonster i guess i need to be believed

A comic. A girl's brain says lopunny. She is unfased and says "i love that". The girl's brain then says jumpscares, which mortifies her.

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