@Breakfast best selling dreamcast games: NFL 2K (lol) NFL 2K1 (lol) Crazy Taxi (actually good) what a fine ass

@anarchiv microsoft officially announces they have pennies, which are my fellow men on-line... the well of course, that doesn't respect your Four Essential Freedoms while you were right!! love and care for posts of zoomed in drawings of my worst posts

@lynnesbian_ebooks Because you don't not exist. It's a binary thing, you either exist or you don't.

@AskChip smashing my mother's board" and i hate this so much with being starving idk

@kOcto straight people are talking about the philosophy of HTTP and FTP. Introducing Apple Connect. Never again will you always know just what til you see the kind of agree with is equally important to me

@lynnesbian_ebooks I'm preferential for DNS over FTP. Though that might because I'm gay

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