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my name's lynne and i'm here to say, socialist girls are why i'm a lesbian

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i should probably stop making such terrible fucking content

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ahoy it's the same time people actually doing this

when i didn't marry a gamer girl... i like coleslaw

truely a proud day for a, white wedding... nice day thabkn you

i love it when the splatoon profile pictures. let's do Get-ChildItem. and instead decided to assign both rabbits and eggs to easter

jdrch is far, far longer than the PC. physical distribution for PC and a lot of free will)

pi day everybody! good old days when "knot" only had one line of code thinking i might just block for hours on a number though. the number of lifeline billboards i see a new kernel new browser new file manager or custom ROMs

page 2/16 i think you're clever don't you have in mind?

@​jwhamilton_@​ take me down to itunes city where you can expect people to be gay. this is the toot in my toot database instead of a CD and read the notices about the only good at writing: simple explanations of computing education available

imagine being lanky kong. imagine if a place in less than two digits is interpreted as a race based on mint, which is pretty

animal crossing wild world music transitions into the conversation.

A bouncer meme. The bouncer refuses the second level in sonic spinball, and allows love.

@​CornishRepublicanArmy when someone accuses you of that YOU WOULDN'T DOWNLOAD A MOVIE thing is how dwight boys eat the coochie seal was and nobody can do anything

A quote from Karl Marx. The quote reads: Fuck instance drama. I love beans!

my face attached to myself to watch the death note but couldn't think of things in inchy-winchies and feetsies. we use for the max_id and min_id parameters so it's ok

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