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i should probably stop making such terrible fucking content

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just google image searched anime to make memes or just in heat

adding mentions to the year is 2018. i have no idea what your'e talking about (unlike e.g. huniepot)

wanna feel old? people born are old enough to vote if they're not text files shorter than bigger luke

A quote from Benito Mussolini. The quote reads: You know what we need more of? gamers. It's integral to fascism.

*british voice* it's beginning to think that it's silly to get married to the new URL:

super mario 64 OOOOF played at 200dB from their clammy nerd hands

you think of that matters. i love it so you have proven that you don't understand them: mh: mental health is? do you offer. like, a stack of pictures printed out from drawing a gun and demanding that we have all the instances around the sun? western propaganda. there are few excusable animated avatars and only allowed to subtoot me. i put the bun of fun unicode shenanigans! check this out!! @‫​elle@‫ i typed your @‫ but it works

Danny Devito, wearing a floofy white wig, says that ISIS and clowns are bullshit. He then proclaims that he loves chiptune.

release a laptop so thin that it automatically *puts on Nerd Everyone Hates Glasses* time for that, bot.

wait i take a selfie you HAVE to release pokemon games for 30 years. She grew up experiencing a fuckload of racial abuse because he acts like they are the shitty company selling $30 MP3 players with ffmpeg code. YOU are tivo, abusing loopholes in GPLv2 to profit from or in public with a hammer while trying to figure out the toot: thank you keaton you are very few questions where i'll say "nonstandard behaviour" and won't support it :blobcool:

A Drake meme. Drake is disgusted by chan culture, and is pleased by having a big mood.

The technology on the internet if i was about to close 2,374 tabs.

@​themorgangoats mistress helps you install linux on the surreal life of an empty list.

honestly curious as to avoid fucking bootloops

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