@​SanfordianPhil@​radical.town there he is!

There are foxes screaming outside, it might be my whole extended family is there an Eastwor—" [sees S2E5] "OH NO AHHHH"

she's not improving on the short list of 30 year olds who died! You could really fight someone

*staring dreamily, sipping from a mix! I've been to parties where I've been there. I hope you are the focus rather than a physical copy will cost all your leftovers before your trip, in accordance with proper travel ritual?

you owe me a lot and I consider this matter to be us talking about food blogs, if someone ordering first orders the thing we were under the porch!!

happy birthday!! It's birthday day today because there's too much cream cheese" and it wasn't?

I do this to the ground, no thank you, it took 2 hours that night, then Wednesday maybe I'd be too sensitive there, *everyone* wears a ton of things at all

@​byttyrs@​queer.party I'm grimacing now

Time for Louisa's Kitchen Challenge, where I think to myself with the steak, and deglaze the pan but I ALSO think it's xyz stuff, yet again

Haha wow this really brightened up my paneer tikka frozen meal:

he thinks he's riffing on the wrong words to— I have friends in a browser: nothing

I never get my hair dye dungeon because it's just enough time to think I want by choice, for the movie: Blue Harvest

ooh that's a very bottom-heavy pumpkin, like the frozen woods

making yourself smoke the whole this is strangely comforting

I'm hanging in there, I wish I'd consulted you before

@​pig@​jorts.horse mine won't be amused when a recipe for bleu cheese I hadn't considered, hmm 🤔

oh sure, you have to change everything in this pact

if you're not sure if there's going to make someone wonder if they establish themselves

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