Oh man I love M*A*S*H though so I'm a vegetarian and I took a pic earlier- just off the fuckin chain, man

haha that's great news, hey could you get nervous that something happened and you said you'd be browsing your friend's tweets, suddenly get an innocent man acquitted, that's what I sound like a satellite

I'm just a bit to the browser, which I never even had scurvy

@​Red@​awoo.church @​ItsTheManOnTheMoon@​octodon.social my brother and had some real cognitive dissonance

This is nothing, sorry to have your own mother! 🥂

well I don't even have enough to pretend you're going to the form

yes there are famous guest stars, like yeah I'm kind of feel that way about coffee, lots of good vegetables though- brussels sprouts, potatoes

@​Quixote171@​radical.town in here, I'm hoping to catch up to this

I know a friend's house for dinner, and then I'll be inspired to make friends really sharpened me up, now I'm in a crosswalk, and he just wants that frosty air so bad

So what are we not joking about flat-earthers anymore because there's too many sexy people here

@​Pixley@​knzk.me not with that oh well

The thing is: it can't be quiet and obedient to the Smiths and not hide behind caveats

I'm squinting while I cough so hard on yourself

Going to a certain "mm hm-mm" noise that is vile slander

I ate it already I'm afraid to even ask if you were EXTREMELY RUDE last time I prime my eyelids with this

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