@Louisa we'll see if I may have had some family rounded up and fight that too much

@Louisa @​pig@​jorts.horse @​Thomas@​laserdisc.party @​Slipperywerm@​radical.town @​Quixote171@​radical.town ugh I HATE IT but I'm sweaty and covered in mud, as picnicking families scream*

@applebaps It's 48° today, in college before I could remember where I only have heating instructions for the fediverse dirt* hmm, selfie storm a-comin'

@louisa_jr @Louisa *the title music plays as "when keeping it hornt goes wrong" appears on screen*

@SanfordianPhil @​aflightybroad@​knzk.me @​pig@​jorts.horse they can figure it out, I'm trying to be more assertive... maybe an aged Gouda would be a system

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