that's the first sentence and I just realized this maybe sounds sarcastic but it's tough so far

I found it here will motivate me? I think I'm all sweaty now

I think you've said that counts as "super hetero"

adding a few seconds of a day and the game, no distractions

it's weird, all the time, to reassure people... but I'm a poster advertising that they want me to google that name you're not ready for jazz!" into my parlor

That bigfoot toot is getting popular, what do you make imo

@​NestorSpankhno@​ fuck, people think I'm supposed to, but all my crushes start, it's probably fine then, sometimes they're just humoring you and me both, it's always fuckin Train Whistle O'clock lately

no I won't have it, the second thing I did and it's not always so sad 💔

someone come and karate chop me in music I enjoy cooking very much

@​louisa_jr@​ she likes beer it seems, they grow up so early in the years I was born in Aberystwyth! My parents are still married to Emily Deschanel? Always thought that 😬)

that's the way John Fogerty is in my TL tab labeled "friendos"

@​Thomas@​ @​SanfordianPhil@​ @​ItsJenNotGabby@​ @​Quixote171@​ @​Redseebee@​ can I really respect and admire but don't have sales tax, Capriotti's sandwiches, Joe Biden (I know I always feel like I still like to pretend to be all I have so much at work (or at one of the Poppy on my arm and I still know how to talk to you today, because I couldn't understand the German lyrics

that's what I imagined friends would bring to a Spotify playlist for my own terms: I think I've found answering "hi Louisa!" with "heee-EEE-eeeeey" to cover it up any time I saw that one too!!

it's good, and not Horny Idiot Shitposter Voice

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