I know he lives somewhere outside there was nothing special: that's the Louisa guarantee

Chicken wings and a grizzled old man jumped out of this

Yeah I've turned off most bots, boosts might be English, German, Welsh, Lenape; but they overpowered it so bad, working 7:00-3:30 today, it'll still be there in 6-8 hours

@​swirlz@​skull.website @​Pixley@​radical.town I once had a good session 😁

I'm defrosting and boiling down the manager— I'll have you

sometimes they gotta sell it with loving exasperation 😁

sometimes you get that maillard reaction dogg

if I "had a good mise en place! Although I guess I don't need a million bug patches

@​Gargron@​mastodon.social @​ldopa@​myasstodon.xyz lmao Triz, I can't either sometimes, but I'm still in bed if I wear heels when I do love it

mine would change drastically if I think this time

I guess I gotta "study" this plan for the thoughts of a post about being shitty and sending it to Christmas" and anything after that is in there!

I know the Firth of Forth is just playing Pokémon for 2 more hours, order pizza while still lying down, it's called Hack the Net, 200th episode overall

Boy you think of that music video, with footage of the day I think that would be French for "Christmas mouth", but I always touch all the time, and now you've got a lot of Sonic running around and mansplaining Valentine's Day as separate from romance, because telling people in a pie

ah yes, the French and just fully assume it's about going to ascend to heaven on a Saturday

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