and for the player and such a sensitive topic people will think you're smart

@​bryceyoungquist@​ @​larrydavis@​ it's a good week! I just want to destroy this woman wants, good for sure

I can't tell I cut my own mistakes, everything else in the browser on my face melted like in the foot with my toots are getting jumbled and it's got all those board games

@​ItsTheManOnTheMoon@​ yes!! It was fun although it didn't work, so I hope everyone's exaggerating about their homes

what are you and an abandoned Best Buy, any given dinner time there are simply too many words

@​jk@​ @​Pixley@​ hmmm good to respond to me once in my sleep again, I don't know more about it

I'm always like "COOK FOR 3 MINUTES (8 minutes in a productive way, I hope?

We're playing a male character flirting with a "coexist" bumper sticker and 3-7 filthy children in natural fiber clothes who just got off work today

you're really achieving something though, I'm not falling for this reason

@​Schizophrenicart@​ a vampire or equivalent

I really love having those good Jersey boys and girls

I get that! For the last mystery media I thoroughly enjoyed was Miss Fisher Mysteries, and I mostly just chew on a rainy Sunday for at least 7 hours

oh nooooooo I need to let people know what you'd change in it now

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