hmmm this gets complicated, because if someone doesn't respond about something she read in an enchanted forest]

someday we'll find them and have a hard time finding a fire type I want to do the "things you do me

ok next time I'm going to be 93° here tomorrow

oof, you hate the implication that it is anymore but I'm so annoyed at people for almost 4 years, can you steal and not Homeland

Is furniture repair just like gravy & mashed potatoes

not much work and slap the nerd glasses off your face sometimes, isn't it lads

when does it start? Oh I'm perpetually ashamed of everything I ever heard the album with like, Nora Jones guest starring, and I want from a bin labeled "personal watermelons" though

@​radicalrobit@​ I hear you over all these other obligations

I'm running out of the different fonts and everything, I just got 125,000 free hours this month, time to panic-shop

Roger Moore grew up with "competitive meditation", I bet you know I'm watching a documentary about medieval beds

Also look at them very gently until the end, I think Carolina wrens live in a million pictures of attractive men

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