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Back in the day, I collected funny spam subjects and posted them on birdsite, sometimes adding my own jokes. I've decided to pick it up again here on the Fediverse, starting with the old archive & adding new items as I see them.

"If your old watch is killing you, get a new one." Why do people keep exposing their electronics to the All-Spark?

Spam subject: "Your health means a lot to us! and we want you to buy best quality, most trusted medications!" I'd better look elsewhere,then

Spam subject: "Acclaim My new address" - Yes, definitely a pattern.

Spam subject: "Be able to perform whenever you need" - with your very own fold-out stage! Order now and get a free fire curtain!

Spam subject: "We offer ero-boosters. data responsible" - They'd better be fully functional.

Blogspam: "If this comment doesnt appear after reading all those instructions Im sending a carrier pigeon next"...

Spam subjects: "Attain your desired proportion and size" and "ATTENTION: Final Notice of Your Package" - context is everything, isn't it?

Spam subject: "You Don't Know Me I Realize, But I Want You To Have This Before It's Too Late" - A shift-key disabler?

Spam subject: "I made you an account." Expected the body to read, "But I eated it."

Spam subject: "For frequent 'getting busy'"

Spam subject: "Women like guys that wear bangles, purchase one now." Will it light her eternal flame in this hazy shade of winter?

Spam subject: "Information Message #38" - sorry, it just doesn't have the same ring as "Mambo #5."

Spam subject: "Make it HUGE! Sample Enclosed" Sample?!?! Oh, of the pills. *whew*

"Contact Mr Koffee Now" - I think more coffee is a great idea! Thank you, 419 spammer!

Spam subject: "Attention My Dear Email Id Owner" - I love it when businesses put in the effort for that personal touch.

Spam subject: "you are beautiful, because we care" - Are you saying that if you didn't care, I wouldn't be beautiful?

Spam subject: "She keep moaning and groaning" - That's your signal to stop the puns.

Spam subject: "Her air pants!!!" Is this like air guitar?

Reverse psychology spam: "Dont look inside"

It's a super-soaker, right? "Make her wet just by the sight of your weapon" (spam subject)

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