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If I post something weird, please realize that literally no conscious thought went into it.

If I post something *especially* weird, please let @fluffy know.

lo-fi goth beats to sink and misdate to — Mountain Oasis 💧 No Copyright Lofi Music 💧 Lofi Hip Hop Beats to study / sleep to (3:01:55)

lo-fi meowsic beats to churn and annul to — All Different Songs of Bingo B Meowsic (2:41)

lo-fi crunk tracks to rook and tallage to — Music to put you in a better mood ~ Study music - lofi / relax / stress relief (11:54:56)

lo-fi hardcore grooves to bate and detain to — Munro Audio - Death Metal MIDI Drum Pack for Superior + EZdrummer (0:55)

lo-fi hardstyle beats to chook and convene to — Ethyria - God Sees All (Koto Trio ver.) (3:48)

lo-fi folk jams to wale and disject to — Indie Worship | Christian Mix to worship/relax/study to 2020 [4K] (58:06)

lo-fi jazz jams to flaw and cajole to — lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study✍️ Study Time👨‍🎓Lofi Everyday To Put You In A Better Mood (14:33)

lo-fi soul tunes to shorn and oblige to — Beautiful Relaxing Music - Coffee Music, Sleep Music, Cappuccino (3:17:19)

lo-fi acid grooves to quoth and demist to — Tank To The Bank - DRUMLOOP 808 (Lofi acid beats) (0:58)

lo-fi shoegaze beats to drag and unreel to — lofi hip hop radio 🍀 beats to relax/study✍️ Music lifts your spirits and improves your mood (14:33)

lo-fi electroswing jams to spurt and tamper to — Welcome Back 20's - Electro Swing Mix 2 (1:36:37)

lo-fi garage grooves to speck and bespake to — Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai ( Lo-fi flip ) - Shreya Ghoshal | Drub | Gaurav | Bollywood Lo-fi (3:18)

lo-fi sepia jams to daze and dawdle to — Space Jams - Vanilla Latte Lofi | Chillhop (2:31)

lo-fi gabbapunk music to bigg and arouse to — Stop Overthinking - Calm Down And Relax - Lofi Hip Hop Mix - Nature Sounds (12:03:39)

lo-fi edm tunes to mug and adsorb to — Free Your Anxiety🍀Cleanse Unwanted Feelings & Negative Thinking - Lofi Hip Hop Mix ~ SpongeBob Lofi (11:54:58)

lo-fi grindcore music to spoke and refine to — Rooster (Alice In Chains Lofi) - Venus Millions x EarthTing x Alien Cake Music 💜🌎 (2:58)

lo-fi industrial beats to spoom and discard to — Peaceful Meadow 🍃 Chill Lofi Beats (2:04:20)

lo-fi jungle beats to mete and ruin to — Never Get Used To People - who are you? [LOFI] [put like = new album lofi style] (2:25)

lo-fi klezmer beats to slue and restock to — Klezmer Party [Creative Commons] (3:02)

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