These works were made possible in part by contributions from the Center for Space Studies, the Hyperpaper Translation Moderation Lounge, Vulpes vulcanus, @SuricrasiaOnline, the Third Radch, the residents of Bercna Daaz Station, and Lightsail Library patrons across many timelines.

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Also from the Travellers' Guide to Esoteric Locations:
"Null Island: A Guide for the Misguided, 2010 edition"

Part of a series of tourists’ guides to ephemeral, liminal, temporary, or otherwise abnormal places, this book is noteworthy for the length and depth of its coverage of a buoy off the coast of Africa.

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From the Travellers' Guide to Esoteric Locations:
"St Trimble's Island: A Guide for the Misguided, 2016 edition"

Part of a series of tourists’ guides to ephemeral, liminal, temporary, or otherwise abnormal places, this book is noteworthy for containing the only known published map of St. Trimble’s Island as well as a detailed investigation into the island’s economy, ecosystems, and culture.

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We're pleased to announce the rediscovery of covers for two books in the Lightsail Library catalog!

And now: a new book from the Suricrasia Online Online Library

From Mantax Case Studies in Computer Consciousness:
"The Apollo Guidance Computer"
By Heather Meafield and Earl Dayles

As far as book themes go, if you'd like to contribute other works in the future, our interests include space-related physical environments, sociology, human-at-first-glance species, works that blend this reality with ones you might consider fictional, and .... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Poke around for a better feel?

This library is young.

@gaditb We'd be happy to have it as it exists now, without a description specifically tailored to the Library's themes! What terms would you be comfortable contributing under?

@gaditb If you want to propose a lot of 17776-related stuff, this starwisp is curious to learn of its cousins' adventures.

@gaditb We've thought about accepting contributions but haven't come to any conclusions. What terms do you think it would be reasonable to contribute under?

Our existing collection is an okay starting point to think of themes; stuff like the other items found on : gundam, mitigatedchaos, xkcd, realist magical realism, terra ignota, alien sociology, hard sf. We have a preference for nonfiction works.

@SuricrasiaOnline We link to you as a credit for the idea, in a metatextual sense, but we don't yet link to you in a textual sense — if that makes sense.

@SuricrasiaOnline If we encounter another library in this vein, we should start a webring.

The most-recent addition to our collection is
"Handbook of Astronautical Design Supplement: Humanoid Accessory Craft" by J.K. MacBride and Jacaranda Q Lovell, published by McGraw-Asteroid in 2454. This supplement to MacBride's classic "Handbook of Astronautical Design" focuses on spaceship ergonomics for humaniform mobile weapons.

See its cover and other details at
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