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Preorders are now open through a variety of sites for my second novel, "Situation Normal":

Giveaway lottery for my novel "Situation Normal", out next month:

I've also put up a revised Retcon Edition of the prequel story, "Four Kinds of Cargo":

For your 18th, consider ignominy as an ethical alternative to breakdown.

My NASFiC schedule, including one comedic and one serious session. And a session Friday 2pm ET by @leonardr on "How Game Titles Work"

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Unbelievable: His Bosses Didn't Like Him, So They Shot Him Into Space

When u get in
a door when its
wrong door ucan
never getout

Just in time for 2020: Python 3-ready releases of olipy ( and botfriend ( Live the forward-compatibility!

More generally, while I wasn't looking Hathi put a really good process into place to figure out which books didn't have their copyrights renewed:

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Exciting news! Hathi Trust now recognizes "The compatible time-sharing system:
a programmer's guide" as a public domain book and you can download a PDF:

[Tom Servo voice] J. G. Frazer's "The Golden Bough"? I don't think so!

Set up locally and am really enjoying how it yes-ands whatever you type.

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