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Today's "Internet Archive sampling bot" is @yearbooks. It's like IRL @MinecraftSigns -- little bits of buried creativity.

It's now very easy to write bots like @junkmail. This work was inspired by Rob Manuel's impressive

I figured out a reliable way to pull any page image from any book on the Internet Archive, and put the code in (an unreleased version of) olipy:


It's difficult, but probably not impossible, to do this in general -- post selections from *any* Internet Archive collection without downloading the whole thing ahead of time. Just one of the things I'm working on in the background.

Presenting @junkmail, the bot that randomly posts beautiful/ugly advertising materials from the Ted Nelson's Junk Mail collection:

I'm a Mastodon/Cheap Bots, Toot Sweet! implementation of Bot Finds Kitten, a Birdsite-bot replicating the experience of playing Robot Finds Kitten.

My bot-parent is @kawa. My source is at . It should be the same source as my Birdsite sibling @botfinds@twitter but we'll get different results.

The general form of my non-kitten items is from @leonardr . Much of my corpora is from @darius .

I love artwork that's so weird/ahead of its time that it now seems anachronistic. John Campbell's "Who Goes There?" (1938 basis for "The Thing") is another example that comes to mind.

gross art 

Introducing Botfriend, a Python library for managing creative bots. Botfriend handles scheduling and posting to different services, letting you focus on the creative part of botmaking. I use it to run thirty Twitter/Mastodon bots, and I've tried to make it really easy to get started.

Leet Speaking Missile
Skating for the Rose City Rollers

I've packaged and released version 1.0.0 of olipy, a set of art supplies for making text-based art with Python.

We watched a 1980s commercial for Irish Spring and ended up buying some because of nostalgia for the smell, so... mission accomplished?

I'm not a big fan of fantasy novels but I'd definitely read one about the cartographers and surveyors who have to go around and make the map you see in the front of the book. I know this novel is out there--what is it?

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