Always humbling to hear "This is actually a good idea!"

@sc Anything I found from the classic era, that was still around in 2014, will be in the older archives. If you know of a new source for this stuff, let me know.

I hadn't heard about classicube before. Archiving server data is a challenge I didn't take on for reasons I discuss here:

The Minecraft Archive Project (2014-) is now being mirrored to the Internet Archive:

Every archive in the collection has a finding aid, making it a nice browsing experience instead of a pile of screenshots and ZIP files bound together by JSON.

I spent a nontrivial amount of time updating @FusionBot, a bot with no sentient followers, with the new fusions from "Change Your Mind".

͏   ຖຖ   

I flew up for 1 day compliments of STC. And a great waste of time because no one here knows anything about the 6100 laser printer.

I sold a short story to a professional market! It's been a while.

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