I flew up for 1 day compliments of STC. And a great waste of time because no one here knows anything about the 6100 laser printer. crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

I sold a short story to a professional market! It's been a while.

Closing out 2018 with a major new release of Beautiful Soup. (crummy.com/software/BeautifulS)

In 4.7.0, CSS selector support goes from 'haphazard' to 'nearly complete' with the inclusion of Isaac Muse's SoupSieve (facelessuser.github.io/soupsie).

Please use it to make things better!

Well, I'm fired... oh, it's a fundraising email.

On January 1, botsin.space/@almanac will start reprinting the 1938 "Almanac for New Yorkers", an urban almanac from the Federal Writers' Project. Daily trivia and upcoming events from eighty years ago.

She may starve or freeze the poet, the scholar, the scientist

Here's the new bot: Podcast Roulette!


An RSS feed containing randomly selected podcast episodes, updated daily.

Simplified version in botfriend shows how it's done: github.com/leonardr/botfriend/

Olipy 1.0.2 has the Internet Archive wrapper that makes it easy to sample IA collections: github.com/leonardr/olipy/blob

@junkmail now fits in 50 lines of code: github.com/leonardr/botfriend/

Now working on a bot unlike any other!

I tried using my own yearbook photo for the @yearbooks avatar, but I'd deliberately put on a creepy smile in that photo, ruining it for any future purpose. Thanks, previous self.

Instead I used the staff photo of Candace Irby, who was inspirational to a lot of Arvin High kids including me.

Today's "Internet Archive sampling bot" is @yearbooks. It's like IRL @MinecraftSigns -- little bits of buried creativity.

It's now very easy to write bots like @junkmail. This work was inspired by Rob Manuel's impressive twitter.com/yorecomputer.

I figured out a reliable way to pull any page image from any book on the Internet Archive, and put the code in (an unreleased version of) olipy: github.com/leonardr/olipy/#iap


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