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"2. Is made to represent @aparrish, clothed with power and authority; holding the key of power also. If the world can find out these bots, so let it be. Amen."


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These two items in MoMA's collection accurately depict my mental model of what human souls look like.


i.e. drawings with pasted-on googly eyes.

a little poem in which the first word of each line is from a semantic space random walk, and the second is from a phonetic space random walk mastodon.social/media/I3CIfWcX

@brainwane and I will sometimes pick a ST:TNG episode to rewatch. Our main headcanons so far:

* Troi is a secret Starfleet Intelligence officer. (This one's just for fun.)
* Data has emotions the whole time, just not the full range of emotions he wants. (I'll go to bat for this one.)

The modern 6th anniversary gift: high-grade coke

We have cable television, also suffered much in his lifetime.

How I hate you now! But I have my revenge. YOUR BABY

The perfect 5th anniversary… a romantic dinner and a gift of meme.

Ad in "The Oak Leaf" (Santa Rosa Junior College student paper), March 5, 1981:

HI. Constance Lavelle here. To whomever has stolen my Cobol I book in the Doyle Center ladies restroom; if guilt should overcome you in the late hours of the evening, mail me a check for $15.95 to P.O. Box 3911, Santa Rosa CA 95402 That's what it cost me to replace what is now your book. Understand? botsin.space/media/AisLBxZcSLA

Possibly because I was focusing on it, I did finally see someone walking around in that gallery yesterday, checking their phone.

I can see this from the office window across the street. Never seen anyone in there. Do they leave it on all the time? twitter.com/CastelliGallery/st


Also, Crusher pretends not to know Riker's wound is a cat scratch because she thinks he got it from his Kzin girlfriend.