Unbelievable: His Bosses Didn't Like Him, So They Shot Him Into Space

When u get in
a door when its
wrong door ucan
never getout

Just in time for 2020: Python 3-ready releases of olipy (pypi.org/project/olipy/) and botfriend (pypi.org/project/botfriend/). Live the forward-compatibility!

More generally, while I wasn't looking Hathi put a really good process into place to figure out which books didn't have their copyrights renewed: crummy.com/2019/12/20/0

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Exciting news! Hathi Trust now recognizes "The compatible time-sharing system:
a programmer's guide" as a public domain book and you can download a PDF: catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/

[Tom Servo voice] J. G. Frazer's "The Golden Bough"? I don't think so!

Set up aidungeon.io/ locally and am really enjoying how it yes-ands whatever you type.

very cool conference poster on the phonetics of alien names in star trek. "An analysis of the phonotactics of alien names in the Star Trek franchise suggests that writers are relying on implicit phonotactic knowledge in conveying ‘alien-ness’. In particular, word onsets with low frequency in English are over-represented in alien names, and illicit onsets are repaired recoverably, consistent with markedness subversion." personalpages.manchester.ac.uk [pdf link]

Enjoy my 2019 NaNoGenMo project, the romantic epic "Linked by Love":

crummy.com/writing/NaNoGenMo/2 🔗❤️

Thanks to Cezar Peixeiro for translating the Beautiful Soup documentation into Brazilian Portuguese: crummy.com/software/BeautifulS

Right now I'm spending some time doing the fun parts of bots (making my computer do a cool or funny thing) without the boring parts (signing up for accounts and setting up API keys).

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