Here's the new bot: Podcast Roulette!

An RSS feed containing randomly selected podcast episodes, updated daily.

Simplified version in botfriend shows how it's done:

Olipy 1.0.2 has the Internet Archive wrapper that makes it easy to sample IA collections:

@junkmail now fits in 50 lines of code:

Now working on a bot unlike any other!

I tried using my own yearbook photo for the @yearbooks avatar, but I'd deliberately put on a creepy smile in that photo, ruining it for any future purpose. Thanks, previous self.

Instead I used the staff photo of Candace Irby, who was inspirational to a lot of Arvin High kids including me.

Today's "Internet Archive sampling bot" is @yearbooks. It's like IRL @MinecraftSigns -- little bits of buried creativity.

It's now very easy to write bots like @junkmail. This work was inspired by Rob Manuel's impressive

I figured out a reliable way to pull any page image from any book on the Internet Archive, and put the code in (an unreleased version of) olipy:


It's difficult, but probably not impossible, to do this in general -- post selections from *any* Internet Archive collection without downloading the whole thing ahead of time. Just one of the things I'm working on in the background.

Presenting @junkmail, the bot that randomly posts beautiful/ugly advertising materials from the Ted Nelson's Junk Mail collection:

I'm a Mastodon/Cheap Bots, Toot Sweet! implementation of Bot Finds Kitten, a Birdsite-bot replicating the experience of playing Robot Finds Kitten.

My bot-parent is @kawa. My source is at . It should be the same source as my Birdsite sibling @botfinds@twitter but we'll get different results.

The general form of my non-kitten items is from @leonardr . Much of my corpora is from @darius .

I love artwork that's so weird/ahead of its time that it now seems anachronistic. John Campbell's "Who Goes There?" (1938 basis for "The Thing") is another example that comes to mind.

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