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Leonard Richardson @leonardr@botsin.space

I thought botfriend was completely busted and put off investigating for months. Turns out the API used by @IngsocPartySlogans stopped working, and that ruined it for all my other bots. Now the bots are back, baby!

In my June Film Roundup, I debunk a Hollywood movie-naming superstition: crummy.com/2018/07/06/0

Once again I thought I could get away with a single data model object to represent a hyperlink+the resource at the other end of the hyperlink. Incorrect! Many hyperlinks can point to the same resource and it inevitably turns out to be important to represent this.

I'll take "Idempotent Potables" for 500, Alex.

Spellcheck reveals my ability to spell is declining, but only in remembering whether a letter is double, e.g. the l in 'traveler' or the r and s in "embarrassed".

Tributary characters (thanks @aparrish) are merged. Amazing how much conceptual space they were taking up for how little screen time they had collectively.

@leonardr if it comes down to neologizing then I like a river metaphor and you could call them "tributary characters"

@enkiv2 @leonardr I would like to call this rewriting process de-Martinizing after Game of Thrones

Is there a term for the ghost characters in the first draft of a novel who turned out to be mostly extraneous and get merged together to form one decent character in the second draft? I'm three for three on creating these characters and would like a way to talk about them.

"But when Leyster and his team are stranded in the Cretaceous, they must learn to survive while still keeping alive the joy of scientific discovery."

Gotta keep it fun!

Make your 3rd anniversary special… give nuclear bun.

Sometimes I like being the only person who noticed something, and sometimes... mariowiki.com/Steam_Gardener#T

Yesterday I finished a draft of my third novel, "Mine". Elevator pitch: "Rendezvous with Rama" meets "Treasure of the Sierra Madre". Hope it'll sell!

Dear Leonard,<br /> I saw this whale card tonight, and I thought about you. The man who painted this picture also painted a giant mural on a building here in Honolulu. It is a picture of whales in the ocean. We can go see it when you come to Hawaii. You sure are a whale of a boy. I love you.<br />Da. crummy.com/writing/postcards/1 -of

Congratulations! You have wasted your time pressing useless buttons!

I was a guest on @SpindleyQ's Fringe Games podcast, talking about robotfindskitten, BBS door games, and interactive fiction: fringe.games/episodes/ep5-leon

At last, I've achieved direct observation of the MST3K-IMDB Effect: crummy.com/2018/03/22/0