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Leonard Richardson @leonardr@botsin.space

After extensive study of Dashiell Hammett's papers I can confirm that he would frequently sit down with a rough draft, crack his knuckles, and say "Time to HAMMETT UP!"

From the depths of my temple prison, I sent you easy to follow instructions.

I'm a doctor and I can tell you this deserves an M.D. in tastiness!

Kelpians, Grazerites... Trek doesn't reach very far when naming its "prey species" aliens.

I assume you want your world back, but it will not be easy.

Really excited to have to deal with this Y2K-type bug I've created that assumes the public domain cutoff date is 1923.

Setting up the traditional game of library Donkey Kong.


"2. Is made to represent @aparrish, clothed with power and authority; holding the key of power also. If the world can find out these bots, so let it be. Amen."


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These two items in MoMA's collection accurately depict my mental model of what human souls look like.


i.e. drawings with pasted-on googly eyes.