Beautiful Soup 4.8.0, just released, makes it easier to configure the input and output mechanisms:

there'll be a reading/performance event for my computer-generated poetry class at NYU this thursday: it's at 721 Broadway in Manhattan, 7pm, free admission. I'm really excited about the work and the students this semester—if you're in NYC I hope you can be there!

We especially want testers who:

use Windows
use PyPI on mobile
are orgs where users share an auth token
have 4+ maintainers/owners for 1 project
use unusual TOTP apps
have slow net connections
block cookies/JavaScript
maintain 20+ projects
or created PyPI accounts 6+ years ago

Tomorrow (May 3rd) starts supporting two-factor auth for login, & starts a private beta test for 2FA for login. If you maintain/own a package, please test and let us know:

#Python #2fa #WorldPasswordDay :-)

(boosting from but I wrote it)

If you think you see a UFO you must have seen something.

"sunset" ( Identifies a resource that provides information about the context's retirement policy.


Always humbling to hear "This is actually a good idea!"

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