Introducing Botfriend, a Python library for managing creative bots. Botfriend handles scheduling and posting to different services, letting you focus on the creative part of botmaking. I use it to run thirty Twitter/Mastodon bots, and I've tried to make it really easy to get started.

Welcome to Hell! or should I say, the new Earth!

Leet Speaking Missile
Skating for the Rose City Rollers

I've packaged and released version 1.0.0 of olipy, a set of art supplies for making text-based art with Python.

We watched a 1980s commercial for Irish Spring and ended up buying some because of nostalgia for the smell, so... mission accomplished?

I'm not a big fan of fantasy novels but I'd definitely read one about the cartographers and surveyors who have to go around and make the map you see in the front of the book. I know this novel is out there--what is it?

Please come and see my new metadata band. We play Dublincore.

I thought botfriend was completely busted and put off investigating for months. Turns out the API used by @IngsocPartySlogans stopped working, and that ruined it for all my other bots. Now the bots are back, baby!

In my June Film Roundup, I debunk a Hollywood movie-naming superstition:

Once again I thought I could get away with a single data model object to represent a hyperlink+the resource at the other end of the hyperlink. Incorrect! Many hyperlinks can point to the same resource and it inevitably turns out to be important to represent this.

I'll take "Idempotent Potables" for 500, Alex.

Spellcheck reveals my ability to spell is declining, but only in remembering whether a letter is double, e.g. the l in 'traveler' or the r and s in "embarrassed".

Tributary characters (thanks @aparrish) are merged. Amazing how much conceptual space they were taking up for how little screen time they had collectively.

@leonardr if it comes down to neologizing then I like a river metaphor and you could call them "tributary characters"

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