The final part of my Situation Normal author commentary talks about the sequel that probably won't happen, and the Constellation Games sequel that probably will:

Popup Blockher
Skating for the Mountain Gateway Sisterhood of Steel

Part six of my Situation Normal author commentary reveals a bunch of hidden inspirations and references:

Part five of the Situation Normal author commentary showcases the many, many deleted scenes:

Part four of the Situation Normal author commentary discusses the three alien religions I created for the novel:

Part three of the Situation Normal author commentary covers one of my favorite topics: designing space aliens!

Part two of the Situation Normal author commentary goes into high-level worldbuilding; and rules for naming characters, planets and spacecraft:

On Tuesdays and Fridays I'll be posting some Situation Normal commentary essays, for those who are done reading the book and want to look inside to see how it works.

Up first: plot structure, the Lebowski connection, and origins of the major characters:

I've just published a 38-page sampler from my upcoming book of advice on rejuvenating #opensource projects: "Getting Unstuck".

You can get this 38-page ebook for free when you subscribe to my email newsletter (1-10 updates per year).


generating 26 little poems about the alphabet by boosting the probability of tokens containing each letter during DistilGPT2 generation

My 2020 NaNoGenMo entry is the first known English novel written in the Tamarian language:

Preorders are now open through a variety of sites for my second novel, "Situation Normal":

Giveaway lottery for my novel "Situation Normal", out next month:

I've also put up a revised Retcon Edition of the prequel story, "Four Kinds of Cargo":

For your 18th, consider ignominy as an ethical alternative to breakdown.

My NASFiC schedule, including one comedic and one serious session. And a session Friday 2pm ET by @leonardr on "How Game Titles Work"

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