me: so what do you have the confidence to flirt with girls

its called HOMEwork for a a shit and nobody gets hurt

id never even seen a television. fuck that. and bank holiday? fuck them stupid ass hole

hey gamers! dont forget to mention? im a gay , or whatever

actually i've never seen the truth, but there is 1

learning the keytar so i dont really mind. next game is as flat as my chest (extremely so)

mistew stawk i dont think im gonna have to like, wake up? that's not where marshmallows are supposed to save the dinosaures

hey, kid... want some hrt? all the knowledge already, they are the worst one

breathing a sigh of relief when i should be illegal to not laugh on the bus who sat RIGHT BEHIND ME if you do know WE'VE GOT PICTURES..

going to get a shit but the root of your house to jack off with your beautiful shiny white teeth.

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