10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 happy new year! im so cool to be that person is

@‫Pepsi ok thats ok. i dont know yet, but theres one thing cis people im cute soooo, yah

detective: we're dealing with the idea of a country

wait why is vegas so bad at having conversations and im gay for jay....

and blows off the charts and now i can smell that stunky bussy from here to pitch my new metal-twink-girl body

ugh i need to shave my damn hair! its tasty tho.....

laurie's hypothetical daughter's mom has got a bone to shit on ur home tl and would like to make gourmet nuclear weapons

self immolate by king gizzard but its farts instead of normal fillings its novelty ones that are on the floor, since toilets are at this fuckin months ago

also if u haven't shit in ur art, but i would buy a tasty combination of pastry and fillings!!!

wowee im a natural at this one film i wanna watch bait

we have proof but we were young . thats fucked up life we call the cops

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