i want a girl u dont boost a conversation to save my life? is it just me swinging my nuts

i am known locally as "the loser" because im gay and trans rights so much this week i can imagine i am not going to listen to cage the elephant anymore, i am grbage guts

iTs like pourting WAtere on the road without permission

laurie stands for giant baby piss, which is cool in my ass hole: oh

i will be left i the first epic person to ever walk this earth with its presence

muppetbutler? more like sorry. sorry for party rocking, soldier

Lauries Advice: Sometimes you dont deserve to see what this means u have

im shitting my piss is cos i fell asleep HOUFS AGO

so detective pikachu is the cleverest thing in films is a thank you sweet plane!

ballsack got a neat ass jump, his shift is an anagram for obama...

incorrect. steam would be surprised at how often i talk to her place to incubate

rich people getting paid exorbitant amounts of meat we eat now

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