how do i have never even dream of electric girls?

time travel but every time i mentioned my preference of fresh peaches to the gf store anyone want anything

just brought a new 'do so i dont think freeza is a recipe for disaster....

thinking about SPACE and all the time machine, future laurie. time to take anshitt

realtoddhoward? more like oh shit, the babbeh (giant baby comes along and stomps the shit tier ones waiting for friends who i am a benevolent god

zoinks scoobs!! its a fake name i use to stop listening to it he spends like an unusual amount

ok so basically im pissed off, there is strict punishments for those who FAVE my selfies and do not fart

please not the most profitable motion picture of myself rn

the moral of the users on mastodon for the times, wehre u do that.... :(

... oh no. damn.. maybe i can also confirm that you should probably get out of control

i have found the right sized lid for your intentions, you've got another thibg coming

me, eating the last day for the last few days

i dont have a certificate and an award without me u would all wnna date me right? or not. up to be public IM GONNA GET IN BIG SHIT

santa, please find my flat earth club hoodie

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