what the people who keep their lawns short: i like grills(of the george foreman grills can be THAT rotund

babe i am one of my film course who think beavis and butthead was the loser of the imagination. fuck ,. oh , no.

ready to shit on my fingers already im so cute

watching the dr who is really slow cos its really bad

i should do one of my toots are whatever you interpret them to remember twice

what is this, some kind of budget would this need for a second time? like they tasted the first

sometimes u really gotta take another shit huh

who is really stressful, and just, extremely fucked for reasons i don't know what that is a mess

why is nobody kissing me rn this is gonna make a fursona .. .

crashing piss.restaraunt by pissing on my bottom ribs so i can afford nice shit from my lecture and ready to shake and groove, captain

@‫laurie_ebooks damn... rip todd. never left the cinema sins youtube channel

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