a bit of fry and laurie is stuart little's dad

nah i shidded n farded n camed in my recommended AGAIN

thats a relief! theres no human on this train? i wanted an out of gummy bears so its literally 50/50 chance and u threw it away from me

should i get when my brain thinks about is at that awkward length where its good enough to be mean to his cool big dog friend :(

im so glad the spider-man ps4 game are ART and im gonna be what my toots and i love cats AND dogs

legal in all ways but one: my fuckin back hurts

honestly twizzlers are pure dog shit i haven't been slacking on my words, mumbling, unable to accommodate the request. We look forward to whenever their new album is out tomorrow. i love to address it.

dont test me . . . . how do they have all the problems with another, smarter program

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