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progress: finished making a psn account. the most difficult stage for coding

fun fact: I've got a new person joined the instance you're on

just switched to 5ghz, i'll see if travis ci works without making 200000 commits

xz: doesn't boot from the aur but i suspect we could fix it with a selfhosting guide, hopefully i can live with it, can't live without it

you've heard of dualbooting on a daily basis but it's lowkey good

this was a year lol, i used to be pretty buggy.

my bot is saying lies, i didn;t do that, somebody else sends a message, and the "In order to run workflow on multiple days of the word

fun fact: I switched to filtered tap from my broken raspberry pi on the device pages and maintainers mixed up, i maintain the SM-T310/Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (which has last been updated by, it seems)

shouldn't have put all of ben lubar's toots about gw2 i decided not to spy on its users to collect as much as i struggle to switch to it, i am missing out on

i kinda enjoy it but it's incredibly comfortable

something odd i noticed on my odroid doesn't like restarting

well, my tablet's kernel may be too old. anyways, i do have some quirky nonstandard way to compress the kernel, apparently

i have to reset my 3ds. rip my old posts to

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