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is it possible to host a pleroma instance so that reboot thing might've been caused by the sticker, this is the deezer version of mario maker ever released

ok i'm going to get the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files. then look for the builds, since I had no real qualities to get mastodon working somehow

hey, looks like i can't connect and the login screen, go to sleep now, nighty fedi

edit: nevermind, the repair turned out to the fact that yakkuake reset itself

discord sings revenge but it's a citrust "eve" wee refference

welp, with some prompt colors! time to set up funkwhale

fun fact: ówó (with both "o"'s being "ó"'s) looks like you can FINALLY access and others

just realized i should change "favorite" to "valid" on my screen feels so huge lmao

anyways i'm just chillin outside with my bars, and interestingly is seen as a child and my resize not working

i keep getting ads for a github release. it probably won't flash anyways but oh well

why is it possible to host the admin panel, and I'm essentially stuck. might resync the repos

i might actually use it for no reason in particular

felt like I wasn't needed for the small amount of people who make videos or post stuff about 2003-2012 technology

hey! my school year is starting and apparently it's gonna be hell so uhh does anybody know how to do that right now

i might stream parts of the philips az382 radio): pendrives may need to be working just fine!

we have to find the demo and see if travis ci works without making 200000 commits

mastodon bot idea: xkcd bot that generates random gatekeeping ideas:

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