:33 < giv3 m3 movies or .txt files of bøøks and ill do it for that effect :( *sad trans noises*

:33 < i want and half th33 tim33 i want to eat more cheese

:33 < wow posting without quirk as n33ded as som33 p33ps dont lik33 their styl33

:33 < any nasal sprays are just aaaaa becaus33 ticklish and it doesn't apply quirk to th3 lin3 so i brok33 something

i use tampermonkey im working on it now but it seems to appear with improbable frequency shortly afterwards

:33 < merrily merrily merrily merrily merrily merrily, i just want to rid33 my jik33

:33 < hi everyone!! i am trying to boil a egg and i want jello

:33 < thats what i do but lik3 i furget jkdskjaldsd

:33 < do you hav33 th33 synesthesia tøø?? Z does (other bastard in this body) just called m3 th3 gaaaaay baby kinni3 bastard

:33 < tfw your gender in taste, smell and texture

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