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Love this cute baby unicorn, and my kids more 😂.
Lovely model by @chaoscoretech and remixed by @designflaw06

Printed on my @josefprusa with and sliced with at 0,2 layer height

Filament: New ! @rosa3dfilaments Pla rainbow silk.

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1/2 This looks like a pretty normal Eiffel Tower printed in resin right? Well, it is the Eiffel Tower printed in resin but this 15Cm tall one is printed in 50 micron layers in just 4 hours. 🤯 This last week I was busy with the BETA test of the new by @josefprusa-

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Had some Father’s Day fun test printing @fotismint’s latest Patron release of Mimir on the @prusa3D SL1S in @SirayaTech Fast Grey resin.

This was a 2 hour and 11 min print at “draft” 0.1mm layers- imagine the details at even higher resolutions!!!

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We might have not yet achieved the speed limit of the new SL1S, guess the print time of this print? Watch todays to find out the answer😊youtube.com/watch?v=KOlIcSwNpA

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Try grabbing just some veneers instead of full 1/8 sheets, they cut much faster and you can get some amazing materials. This is a printed cover with cherry veneers.

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We've just released Prusament PC Blend Carbon Fiber!
It has great mechanical properties, excellent heat resistance (114 °C), produces beautiful prints with matte surface, and most importantly, it's very easy to print with no warping! Check it out⤵️

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„Když v názvu firmy nebo produktu je vaše jméno, tak to znamená, že je člověk dedikovaný,“ říká zakladatel Prusa Research @josefprusa. Jenže v jeho firmě jsou nositelé jména Průša hned tři a pro hosty to může být i ošemetné.


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Mensa Czech Republic, based on the votes of its members, awarded this year the Honorable Mention to @josefprusa, a Czech maker, inventor, investor and developer of 3D printers. The ceremony took place on
General Meeting of Mensa ČR in Prague, on June 6, 2021.

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Mensa České republiky, na základě hlasování svých členů, udělila v letošním roce ocenění Čestné uznání @josefprusa , českému kutilovi, vynálezci, investorovi a vývojáři 3D tiskáren. Slavnostní vyhlášení proběhlo na
valné hromadě Mensa ČR v Praze, dne 6. 6. 2021.

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How to get the most out of 8-bit firmware? Before we implement new and exciting features, there's often a lot of hidden work on optimizations to make space in the flash memory & RAM. Let's dive in with our dev team in Prusa Dev Diaries #4:

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Here is the dragon by @loubie_3D I 3d printed at the end of the live stream with @joeltelling on my new @prusa3D 3d printer!

I had a blast! If you missed the stream, here it is: youtu.be/jhtnsR939DE

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🎉It's here! Official @prusa3D owners now!
Our best attempt at a shoulder shot with my kiddos.
We're so excited to see what we'll be making next!

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Join us for today at 3PM EDT with our guest @fotismint. Tweet me your questions with the tag before the show and we will try to answer them on the air.

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