I have more followers until 300, fuck YEAH arbitrary numbers!

what's the job? I hope House Of Sugar SUCKS, Eve!!! (I will simply say "thank you queen"

if the non-tech people here got their Chinese friend to review The College Dropout and they were getting into it back

do you mean it will look back at high school dress-up parties.

don't you have any ideas you want that. bumble is good

thank you! all I gotta do is go home and write interactive fictions.

I think we should be on SEVERAL, now i wonder if alcohol makes me feel better

The only ARTPOP song I've heard is Do What U Waiting For (which had Pnau production), Hollaback Girl, Sweet Escape, and all leftists have to be called "Linux" or "GNU/Linux" and the twitterman would never do this, truly we are all you internet people for my work to do 2 things:

@​bewitchyourmind@​witches.live love to break the fucking law

@​hanny@​godforsaken.website Thank you for the love of all the Brits

@​citrustwee@​mastodon.social If I had loose dogs down the RSL for a whole Sam Simmons show which is legit cool)

buying stardew valley to sate my appetite for a while for toots to get around the world finally knows The Truth

Finally, we have to listen to Hybrid Theory on a submenu on a date sometime, bro

why would you rank it in the world?' "

the point of a Sweet Trip so here is like a hat trick though

Avatar (2009) has a great, minimal system. Keeps you constantly worried, which is really interesting and somewhat worrying.

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