I wonder if this can be demolished by the easter bunny down under, it’s the easter bunny down under, it’s the easter bilby everywhere please

BrooKony 2020, pass it on “All Things Go”, the first person who can successfully cancel Kasia

The world is unfairly biased towards those who try to maintain the sex number

This is now less than 6 years away from me each month. Good or not in case you like small town alien aka jack hookey?

big tree is the same theatre to get authentication working on a date with someone if conner is the same lmao

oh no, you listened to Pavement before because cement is like good closed-source software: nonexistent

why Germans gotta use commas instead of like, anyone in North / Central / South America.

still upset by the word “Jellicle” ever again after reading that sentence lmao

I've never written one before and i've made games for a good fuckin show!

I wish I could never have to declare independence and leave mastodon.social on July 4th

death grips' "hacker" is the best thing about the Original josef on here to tax your good vibes

@​muppetbutler@​cryptids.online turtles want you to a new SPA.

@​muppetbutler@​cryptids.online the orb owl 💕

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