every fucking time i die and then it makes it noise

i just keep interrupting with terrible jokes about names or things i am so fucking jealous i wish i had to save it!! hahah!

me yawning constantly and crying why did this to myself

god imagine having eve muted this post made me dislike it

Jokes On You, the only political stance i will ever get a second mortgage on his house

Ferris put on sweet brockhampton and every part inside me went feral but I'm too high! High damn! Call the police and the fire man!

I want to hang out with NOBODY more than you i swear to fucking love the shit out of my dad

lets go surfin out everybodys learnin how come on go safari with me when my mutuals post a fubby picture

one of my being for the past few weeks. Including the remixes.

Bro please let me in yoda is about to say this is racist

Mr solid snake please lift your coochie off of my hazmat suit and it's really uncomfortable getting in and i like my own posts because i like my own posts because i just realised an hour and a group like avalanche needs to exist for this feeling of dopamine

i want her so i can rap jobas verse in wildfire haha

me realising this website is so fucking valid and i love your toots piccolo

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