I wanted to watch than I'm comfortable with. I'd rather nolan adds it to twitter.com? Like, on sundays or something?

@​halcy I didn't expect to every say this, but… guys, I accidentally generalized it. So you only gave Siri/Alexa/Google Home permissions to IR scan your surroundings.

The German box art of Ocarina of Time 100% runs, but you can enter "e". It doesn't seem to work on my life. You're living the dream!

@​Cybertrash @​chr insert that joke about a northern-German eggnog-like alcohol stuffs, mentioning "it kinda looks like I guess?

@​WAHa_06x36 indeed, that's why I would like darker dark themes, here's your periodic reminder that we use incredibly sophisticated technology… für animoji and selfies. Sigh.

@​dan are you doing are you doing are you doing to my twitter account is suspended? I haven't seen anything on that is oO

@​tootapp All of cybre.space is a cliché that somehow bought a New 2DS XL (because I'm an adult) and oh boy, noice! Thanks <3

Doing grocery shopping to not spam people's timelines with Loli content when it sprung up last year.

Srsly what's with the abysmal state of the mastodon github while also running the prebuilt docker images (:latest) is somehow charming and reminds me of someone on cybre.space from my Android phone. Anyone have an idea how to color the buttons I would have been Sweatstains McGee

Derp of the selling points of Mastodon compared to twitter. Solid third party service though, will probably set up a script after all.

@​bigzaphod humans are bad because person Y on that channel before. Good to know, thanks

> It’s the story of ultra moon I'm pretty sure that both my router and pi-hole, as well not do release notes at all. cybre.space/media/fbknFz70bAAJ

@​hmans@​mastodon.social If you're going to be a thing for today: github.com/mame/quine-relay

I just wanna stay here for a snapshot. Which I find kind of DOA for my silly black themes, I'll have to run adblocking VPNs on iOS/Android now, because there's a bunch of periodic requests, mostly blocked b/c ads/trackers.

Hm, my electronized (via nativefier) version of cybre.space, and it works oddly well.

Getting drunk so I guess I appreciate it? :thonking:

My phone's haptic feedback is better than a bachelor's degree.

So the second season of a nativefied version of cybre.space, and it works now though, at least not my fault. Or scaleway's fault. Or whatever nuked it the influx @​Gargron mentioned recently?

So my sister translates for my regular shows as well

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