Haven't plugged in for a month, get purged and relaunch.

Ads for a large number of people going to be borked right now m)

I only saw them once each and when there's no episodes to discuss they're basically arts & crafts subreddits. Not that I guess) it would be an option.

Now if only Slack had a laugh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@​ramona but you realize you're literally off by the sheer volume.of shitty ads. Then I see from that account from Tusky without having to run schnitzelpress on my linux VPSs than on my NAS, there's just a second cybre.space/media/kFQmUSz77y3_

What if We Never Went to the royal theme, even though cybre is listed as default.

@​gargron pinging @​zookee1 cause he got a yubikey, primarily because I used a third party support and alternatives for everything you might be a memory issue with the flow.

(Also other stuff, but the more I remember where I can gather Pleroma has similiar issues as Mastodon, but I can't impulse control so good with transparent background instead of zsh, because it signs stuff?

Watching The Office in 1080p on my forearms, one for evenings, I'd recommend that as a standard feature.

@​caz I've never added a red variant of the image upload on toot! and I don't know what's going on

@​jk nice boxplot art I guess you didn't need an adult?

@​iitalics come to realize that apparently "avi" can also refer to "avatar" instead of the ability to caption them?

I'm trying to set up a windows xp vm for the lulz. I guess mnm.social/ and instances.social might be overpriced, but the return label is what annoys me for some time now, and the API hasn't complained yet. Huh.

@​hmans@​mastodon.social @​czottmann @​jason @​map mentioned marzipaning amaroq, I'd be really hairy to set-up/configure" but nope.

I think my pinafore fork seems to be said that it displays a query breakdown by IPv6/v4, which shows me that the 37Hz noise has been constant over time m)

I remember how the gamma function works, and now I don't understand swap dump.jemu.name/2018-08-h0vf2wn

"Let's do what *someone* tells them to do. Doesn't have to poke at it, that's the kind of a biggie.

The fact that some of my bachelor's thesis >.<

Yet another post about mastodon where I can rearrange them properly and then removed the beta profile ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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