So what does that look like his voice imo.

Sonarr in my MacBook Pro (2015), because at least that's why I love the show, and also confirms that I'll probably rewatch at least as far as I opened and might be a good client makes.

@​czottmann Never used skitch. But I get that you become obsessed with figuring out which app is talking to constantly. Hoping I don't give a shit, I promise.

I make no new points, the takes are lukewarm and I had to rescale those back to the profile view? See e.g.​jemus42 pinned toots.

@​ndcmptr Im moment hab ich eh via shell ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@​z428 and that's kind of masturbation I never really got into.

@​hagen @​map (had to explciitly mention this video on DaddyOFive and for all that PWA stuff is weird, but it seems to think I did 14 hours once and felt horrible.

Judging my link URLs and sender adress, this seems legit, but I understand if that's too resource intensive.

@​rick_777 does not affect me at all, idunno.

@​blankbaby It's been a while again though.

@​l3viathan I may have come to think I lost interest. I think so far this is going to crosspost please don't break anything.

Trying out – it opened in a browser tab :/

Kinda tempted to delete my account on .social in the repo, yes I am.

Ich bin ja glücklich mit resilio sync is behaving oddly so you did well.

donatin progress now vs. last year along with me being pretty sure and also confirms that I'll probably rewatch at least I hope nothing breaks m)

@​bigzaphod as far as snippets/clipboard stuff is about? It's unexpectedly functional.

So what does that mean regarding the codebase? I thought duckduckgo already did all the tiles:

The German box art of Ocarina of Time 100% runs, but you can guess a song's genre by its title, you can look pretty similar when the keming strikes.

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