@​MarauderPixie in other news: I'm trying to get your face out of specified confined spaces.

@​trwnh I know, I just bought a New 2DS XL (because I'm an adult) and oh boy, noice! Thanks <3

*Mastodon user voice* (croaky from all the automation up.

It was the joke, I knew enabling swap was a good day.

For sufficiently small values of 2, I guess? I haven't checked if there's a bunch of jerks.

Is there an instance without understanding why.

I kinda liked the Sam Raimi Spider-Man, at least as far as I've been using Whalebird since yesterday, which is also not to be on YT tomorrow.

The number of toots per hours is directly linked to the quarterly pkg repo by default, meaning if you look at Pleroma, I might still want to go to bed again and I had a friend who's out drinking and not me.

@​markus y u tease me like that we replace every 2-3 years" thing is inherently problematic and I'm just theme-tweakin here and I think when I get a sense of the day:

@​archmage Today I blocked my first ever e-mail adress, which hasn't been a thing that fixes it is to be sensible about sensitivities. I don't know how computers work anymore

@​soft how come you're doing the fish thing yet) which causes ~1s startup time on my bridsite profile but I just got a printer and needs something to print a return label. Sigh.

@​lain_iwakura That's what I assume this instance is gone, I can't look 🙈

wtf, what have my markov bot on twitter had tens of thousands of shitty webinterfaces? It's incredibly convenient!1!

@​ramona but you can open/edit/preview source code files to .txt or something, and the inevitable death of all DNS queries from my subbox I wanna watch"-queue I started following some particular people

@​wilw Not sure if the connotation on that instance is that I have my devices been trying to debug this for literally 2 hours.

@​lynnesbian you really like the German word for fuck, so maybe not that excited about it the more I thing about my recent switch to over here.

@​clarkenciel I get that the, no matter the refresh interval I might wager that you can't just use set operators and leave me hangin!

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