…dat historical development will at a certain point be characterised by-a da passage from-a da reign of-a necessity to da reign of-a freedom.

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Historicity of-a da Philosophy of-a Praxis Dat-a da philosophy of-a praxis thinks of-a itself in a historicist manner, dat is, as da transitory phase of-a philosophical thought, no is only implicit in its-a entire system, but is made quite explicit in-a da well-known thesis…

In-a da phase of-a struggle for hegemony it is da science of-a politics which is developed; in-a da State phase all-a da superstructures must be developed, if one no is to risk-a da dissolution of-a da State. Che bene.

To de economico-corporate phase, to da phase of-a struggle for hegemony in civil society and to da phase of-a State power-a dere correspond specific intellectual activities which cannot be arbitrarily improvised or anticipated.

Here again-a da thought expressed by [Rosa] Luxemburg remains useful and suggestive when she writes about-a de impossibility of-a treating certain questions of-a da philosophy of-a praxis in so far as dey have not yet become actual for-a da course of-a history in general or-a…

As da scientist of-a politics on-a de other hand he feels himself free from-a dese idols of-a his age and of-a his group and treats da same conception with more immediacy and with total originality; he penetrates to its-a heart and develops it in a vital way.

In reality-a de occasional "philosopher" can succeed only with difficulty in making abstractions from-a da currents dominant in his age and from interpretations of-a da certain conception of-a da world-a dat have become dogmatic (etc.).

Admittedly such a criterion of-a historical judgment contains many dangers of-a dilettantism and it is necessary to be very cautious in applying it, but-a dat no deprive it of-a its-a capacity to generate truth. Mamma mia!

In every personality-a dere is one dominant and predominant activity: it is here dat his thought must be looked for, in a form-a dat is more often than not implicit and at times even in contradiction with what is professly expressed.

A man of-a politics writes about philosophy: it could be dat his "true" philosophy should be looked for rather in his writings on politics.

It can be dat a great personality expresses da more fecund aspects of-a his thought not in-a da section which, or so it would appear from-a da point of-a view of-a external classification, ought to be da most logical, but elsewhere, in a part which apparently could be judged…

(*Compare da notes above on-a da reciprocal translatability of-a scientific languages. [MS. pp. 63-67]) From-a dese propositions (still in need of-a elaboration) dere derive for-a da historian of-a culture and of-a ideas a number of-a research criteria and critical canons of-a…

Any one is implicit in-a de others, and-a da three together form a homogeneous circle. * Capisce?

…Politics — Economics If-a dese three activities are da necessary constituent elements of-a da same conception of-a da world, dere must necessarily be, in-a dere theoretical principles, a convertibility from one to de others and a reciprocal translation into da specific…

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In politics [it is] da relationship between-a da State and civil society, dat is, de intervention of-a da State (centralised will) to educate de educator, da social environment in general. (Question to be gone into in depth and stated in more exact terms.) Philosophy —…

In philosophy [it is] praxis, dat is, da relationship between human will (superstructure) and economic structure.

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