I must pray to Stettad Wheeledprices the Wealthy Pearls. I'm uneasy.

— Asmel Sanrebrakust, Wrestler

There aren't enough dining tables. It's annoying.

— Ducim Imeshuzol, bookkeeper

I wish to make something. It's boring.

— Ducim Ustuthamem, expedition leader

I learned about wrestling. I am very satisfied.

— Asmel Sanrebrakust, Recruit

I ate in a dining room. I do not see the bliss in this.

— Aban Thadïngiz, hammerer

I ate in a dining room. This could be bliss.

— Catten Solonsobìr, broker

I learned about dodging. That was satisfying.

— Asmel Sanrebrakust, Recruit

I learned about dodging. It's wondrous.

— Mistêm Vúshlibash, Recruit

I taught dodging. That was satisfying.

— Sodel Nishrur, Recruit

I was near to a Seat. It's interesting.

— Nish Ezarmörul, Woodcutter

I've been rained on. I feel so dejected...

— Sodel Nishrur, Tanner

I was out in the rain. It makes me very grouchy.

— Mistêm Vúshlibash, Metalcrafter

I've been rained on. It makes me very grouchy.

— Asmel Sanrebrakust, Fisherdwarf

I got into an argument with Ducim Sprinkledoils. It makes me bitter.

— Aban Thadïngiz, hammerer

I have improved my stone crafting. That was satisfying.

— Erush Storlutnil, sheriff

I was near to my own Bed. It's interesting.

— Catten Solonsobìr, broker

I was near to my own Bed. It pleases me.

— Erush Storlutnil, sheriff

I slept in a bedroom. I'm embarrassed.

— Erush Storlutnil, sheriff

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