I was in a snow storm. No, I'm not grouchy.

— Stodir Koläs, Miller

I'm thirsty. This isn't irritating.

— Sibrek Avuzrithzâm, Peasant

I was out in a blizzard. This isn't exasperating.

— Ineth Tekkudnish, Planter

I was out in a blizzard. There's nothing to be dejected about.

— Avuz Adiluzol, Carpenter

I got into an argument with Bim Wiltcloisters. It makes me bitter.

— Sibrek Legonuzol, outpost liaison

I taught dodging. I am very satisfied.

— Zuglar Konosiseth, Marksdwarf

I have improved my dodging. That was satisfying.

— Ilral Egdothïngiz, militia captain

It was raining on me. I'm feeling very dejected.

— Avuz Adiluzol, Carpenter

I was out in the rain. That's very annoying.

— Vucar Nosingkikrost, militia captain

I learned about dodging. It's interesting.

— Ilral Egdothïngiz, militia captain

I wish to make something. It's frustrating.

— Ilral Såkzulamkin, expedition leader

I taught striking. I am so proud!

— Edëm Sedurzon, Wrestler

I got into an argument with Kûbuk Visebrass. That was satisfying.

— Tun Nokimlocun, Wrestler

I got into an argument with Tun Ochrerise. That was satisfying.

— Kûbuk Tostkonos, Recruit

I got into an argument with Sibrek Wanderedoiled. That was satisfying.

— Zuglar Konosiseth, Pump Operator

I have improved my wrestling. That was satisfying.

— Eral Ibeshstukos, militia commander

I had a sparring session. How exhilarating!

— Sazir Tobulodroz, Wrestler

I slept in a bedroom. This could be bliss.

— Amost ònulvutram, bookkeeper

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