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Tesla is effectively disabling FSD beta, temporarily.

I think it's really great of every motorist in the US to agree to help Tesla beta test software that could literally kill them.


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the cryptocurrency is a trojan horse

this would be the largest identity verification program ever created -- if it works, they'll control access to the digital world for billions of people, including finance and communication tools

way too much power to give anyone


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All you have to do to get this Very Trustworthy Coin is give us a high resolution scan of your retinas for the world’s biggest biometrics database!!!

But hey free money! We swear it’s not creepy!

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I would like to meet the person who was like wow “The lunch line is so slow I guess we should use facial recognition on children” ft.com/content/af08fe55-39f3-4

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I'm in desperate search of a kidney donor who meets the following requirements:

∙ Blood type: O+/-
∙ Age: 18-55
∙ Location: Based in US
∙ No history of kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure

Could this be you? Let me know at kidneyfordevon.com.

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Can't setup washer/dryer bought in Europe because my iPhone's region is US and the @hoover_uk hOn app is not available in the US App Store. If that's not @internetofshit, not sure what is.

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Facebook employees can’t enter the headquarters because their badges don’t work, and those already inside can’t enter various rooms because access is linked through the IoT (Internet of Things) and so goes through the same DNS routes that no longer exist:

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"self-driving cars will have to answer split-second ethical decisions, instantly calculating the worth of the lives of the people around them. can AI solve the trolley problem?"

self-driving cars in reality: i swerved onto the sidewalk because i thought the moon was a stop sign

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Greek debit card readers scramble the numbers every time for the PIN and it’s fucking killing me after a few beers

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Simply incredible—all 5 of the "third party" privacy and consumer groups Facebook said it consulted before rolling out its Ray Ban AR camera glasses to ensure privacy was "baked in" from the start are *funded by Facebook*. Every single one of them.


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wtf our fridge just emailed us to say we opened its door too many times in the past month

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hi @facebook how do i opt out of being recorded by people wearing your camera glasses


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cool thing about roomba is they just do what all the other robot vacuum companies did a few years ago but then pretend like they came up with it


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