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Just learned theres an apple+ tv show where all the characters use iphones except for one android user who is a pedophile

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@internetofshit text in an image: "although it is a theory known to many, it was Rian Johnson, director of Daggers in the Back, who confirmed in an interview with Vanity Fair that 'Apple lets you use iPhone in movies, but, and this is crucial if you're ever watching a mystery movie, bad guys can't take iPhone on camera.' In the case of Defending Jacob', it's not just that *good characters continually appear using apple products*, but, in addition, the only one who uses an 1/2

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@internetofshit Android phone is the pedophile." 2/2

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@cadadr @internetofshit okay but the villain in Raising Dion is constantly working with an iPhone and a Macbook, just like everybody else. Did they just wanna throw people off?

Raising Dion spoilers 

@schratze @internetofshit Didn't watch the show, so I wouldn't know, but I had heard of this Apple thing before. Maybe they've relaxed it a bit since..

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