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On July 22, 2021 humanity encountered the first documented instance of a robot being afraid of the moon


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I'm not an oven software guy but, if I were, I would consider the "no more fire please" button to be a P0.

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Good. I’m sick and tired of classic artists being exempt from the attention economy. They should feel the dehumanizing pressure of engagement metrics just like the rest of us.


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most attempts to integrate ‘computers’ & iot functionality into consumer products make the consumer product dramatically worse lmao why does it keep happening??? no touch screens, just make a knob

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Just to show that we are living in a dystopian future, my bike helmet requires a software upgrade.

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Getting my house ready for the real estate to show new tenants through 😇

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at first I was like, wow Google went and did the evil thing

....then you read the thread and realize that the *carrier* injected this ad into a 2FA SMS 😈


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“The device is a silver-colored spherical gizmo the size of a basketball that can be carried around and used to scan people’s irises in order to ascertain their unique identities”

Reminder: SV’s definition of ‘privacy’ is quite different than yours.


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Replying to @MikaelThalen

oh cool, smart electricity meters in Austin just casually broadcasting their GPS coordinates constantly, LOVE it


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They really skipped passive voice and went straight to passive-aggressive voice

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This is why it's important to read the fine print. This wasn't secret; they opted in.

Also there shouldn't be so much fucking fine print that you're held responsible to read.


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