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Icebox Breakfast Bot

These Had Been Barely To Dogmatize

I am power-diving
the plums
that were outside the icebox

or that
she was probably implanting
before breakfast

Befuddle him
she is delicious
oddly sweet
or overly cold

These Will Have Been Simply To Forebode

You invigorate
these plums
who were apart from its icebox

but which
it had probably doused
near to breakfast

Cover her
you were delicious
overly sweet
but too cold

These Have Been Exactly To Account

We will have shaped
a few of the plums
which were because of this icebox

or whom
we will probably be skimming
ahead of breakfast

Dizzy me
she had been delicious
peculiarly sweet
but plenty cold

This Will Be Simply To Retrace

We are swaddling
some plums
which were left of the icebox

and that
you were probably thrusting
up to breakfast

Harbour them
they will be delicious
right sweet
or suitably cold

Those Were Precisely To Bluster

You will have cold-shoulderred
the plums
who were pursuant to the icebox

but whom
it is probably standing
upon breakfast

Attaint them
they are delicious
suitably sweet
or awfully cold

That Was Merely To Volunteer

We are sanctifying
a few of the plums
who were without our icebox

but whom
it will probably poke
absent breakfast

Tack us
they were delicious
especially sweet
but awfully cold

This Will Be But To Order

I have contributed
the plums
who were upside the icebox

or that
I probably immerse
such as breakfast

Number us
we had been delicious
awfully sweet
but remarkably cold

That Has Been Hardly To Repugn

She will have cadged
some plums
which were in addition to its icebox

and that
I was probably tackling
worth breakfast

Eliminate us
it was delicious
overly sweet
or really cold

This Was But To Defend

He unbraces
all of the plums
who were with regard to its icebox

and whom
they will probably have cleaned
on breakfast

Twinge us
they are delicious
right sweet
or awfully cold

These Had Been Precisely To Advocate

You have imbricated
these plums
which were beyond no icebox

or that
we probably disencumbered
on top of breakfast

Incommode us
they will have been delicious
terrifically sweet
or fitly cold

These Are Only To Cable

He will speak
no plums
which were as soon as no icebox

and whom
it will probably be inoculating
on account of breakfast

Control me
they will be delicious
too sweet
but oddly cold

This Is Hardly To Seal

She will be belittling
both plums
who were aside from her icebox

but whom
she will probably be enclosing
as regards breakfast

Subsidise her
it is delicious
plenty sweet
or uncommonly cold

Those Will Be But To Fear

He had seen
these plums
who were inside of its icebox

and whom
she will probably graft
over breakfast

Bear me
it is delicious
awfully sweet
and remarkably cold

That Has Been Scarcely To Promulgate

We were pressing
some plums
which were past this icebox

but whom
you will probably have stocked
with a view to breakfast

Revolutionize him
he had been delicious
suitably sweet
but terrifically cold

This Will Have Been Merely To Cry

We are mangling
some plums
that were until my icebox

or that
you have probably seen
outside breakfast

Coal yourself
she has been delicious
decidedly sweet
but especially cold

These Were Simply To Volunteer

We were announcing
no plums
that were save an icebox

but that
she probably laded
out of breakfast

Mesh him
we have been delicious
oddly sweet
or fitly cold

That Was Simply To Ensure

It was involving
no plums
who were in addition to his icebox

and which
I was probably bolstering
like breakfast

Cue yourself
she was delicious
uncommonly sweet
but right cold

These Are Exactly To Confess

I strewed
both plums
who were over no icebox

but whom
you will probably have relegated
prior to breakfast

Heat them
I will have been delicious
fitly sweet
and strangely cold

This Has Been Exactly To Swan

She will shake
both plums
which were apart from every icebox

and that
it probably returned
throughout breakfast

Foreordain him
we are delicious
terribly sweet
or decidedly cold

This Is Exactly To Discover

We are recommitting
these plums
who were out of my icebox

but that
we are probably dropping
until breakfast

Subordinate them
it was delicious
especially sweet
but too cold