Which is worse:

• Feeling like you're about to sneeze with a mouthful of rice?
• Realising you might've just ran your dev teardown script in production?

so excited to launch my new course on @eggheadio about this vital professional development skill pic.twitter.com/6eFOYpCaTe

Honestly, how many seasons of Ozark can you binge on Netlix? How about some educational and inspirational talks + workshops from some excellent speakers in software development: hubs.ly/H0qFhFX0 


It might be temping to do an MCU binge right now, but also how about a virtual event packed with top talks from top people in software development, *and* workshops:


If I'm going to sit and learn how to exit Vim, finally, I might as well be comfortable.

Grab one, and use code "iamdeveloper" for 10% off: autonomous.ai/office-chairs/er …
@autonomousdotai pic.twitter.com/htJHI5bufF

"Griphook unlocked the door. A lot of green smoke came billowing out, and as it cleared, Harry gasped. Inside were mounds of servers and several sweaty devops engineers, mining for Bitcoin" twitter.com/jk_rowling/status/ …

As you're stuck at home watching endless Netflix anyway, you might as well check out some documentaries: cult.honeypot.io 

If your phone isn’t on silent in 2020 you’re a sociopath

Thinking of starting an OnlyFans where you pay $25 a month to access videos of my code working first time


Day 1 - lets learn about variables
Day 2 - 5,475 - ok, now lets constantly reinvent how we send JSON back and forth between a browser and the server

Elon Musk names kids like I write Git commit messages.

Things I Dislike About Meetings - Me
8:50 ━━━━━━━❍━━━━ 12:46
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