> How I Built My Startup On The Plane

y'know they have films and stuff, right?

me: *puts own rate up by 25%*
also me: $2.99 for an app!?

back in my day you sent a POST request by actual post

The concept that the person sitting next to you, with the same job title, the same level of experience, and who is held to the same standard as you by your employer, is paid more than you because they are a better negotiator is utterly ridiculous.

Yet this happens ALL THE TIME.

Tech Hogwarts.

Complete the title:

Harry Potter and the ________

if you wave your hands in front of my face while I'm wearing headphones...whatever comes out of my mouth is your fault.

Darkness falls across the pipeline
The midnight deadline is close at hand
Containers crawl in search of blood
To Dockerize your neighborhood

For no mere devops engineer can resist
The evil of k8s

the best tutorials are the one's where the author spends the opening paragraph convincing themselves that every other way of doing X has been wrong, until now, they think.....maybe?

interviewer: where do you see yourself in 5 years?
me: look, I don't even have any plans for after this interview...

Software development:

Day 1: lets animate some funny shapes! this is fun!

Day 1532: lets read a specification for DNS-based Kubernetes service discovery!

"Never work for free!" - said by people who have almost certainly worked for free at some point in their career, and has helped shape their experience

shielding people from experiencing mistakes isn't always the best idea

github being down is the closest thing you get to a snow day at school as an adult

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle for software:

The more you try and understand Kubernetes, the more impossible it becomes to do so.

teach a programmer to fish, and they'll go to the fishmonger and buy fish

TIL Chrome has a "Distill Page" button you can enable via chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode. Akin to Safari's "Reading Mode". Mostly useful to temporarily get rid of popups and ads on a page. pic.twitter.com/4uX2f3amLH

There are 3 certainties in life:

• Death
• Taxes
• "Is there an Android version?"

"today I mostly worked on PR reviews" = "I didn't really do anything meaningful today but I need to say something for my update"

y'all ruined it. too many replies.

companies looking for devs - just look at the replies to the above tweet instead.

Any devs looking for work? If you add a portfolio/github/whatever link to a reply, I’ll retweet some of them.

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