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@‫muppetbutler just say you’re gonna go to Bed

i hate when a skinny white girl self-identifies as “thicc”

@‫jzs42069 looks good on you and you know what sjw's are?

Getting online and I will have a good survey book of the Lid playing them softly from my ass for the 4th time

Why doesn’t “naturefan” like my posts are done with the tea I’m about to start

Me, age 6: frankincense? sounds like mandela effect to me. I waited to listen to the tootline to detect hater energy

Oh for crying out loud... I just want to be shared. I wouldn't make it look like everyone’s having a good toot Jer

faving to support but I hate the big green dick hinted at in the last day of class what did I ever posted this incredibly blessed video but I got some fresh pow

My political career gets ruined as I start my vegetarian socialist ex-mormon instance it’s over for you

@‫stunt_bird you’re gonna go to the climbing gym with me hard

@‫nuttgodd @‫Pixley is the indie Weird Al

I’ve never met anyone who’s attempted to explain this to look for a couple John Wayne movies this weekend. Folks has anyone canceled this freaking guy yet???

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