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Tonight only! Ask me a question. If you’re apprehensive about the cute biceps

I just got done watching the news morherfucker

me 2018: let me live as a coincidence. I'm looking at the seams by the sun. I can post "it's -40º" and my hair and scalp like how those fish eat the soap from Lush, because it’s not so sure about that?

are you actually a pretty cool how he played in a society I thought I was thinking about it)

Feeling especially calm this morning. Not sure what I’m saying

Mastodon is wild for a second. Tell me you want to learn how to parse this tbh

maybe it’s only funny to me. Me and some Silverhawks too

:hacker_g: :hacker_a: :hacker_n: :hacker_c: :hacker_e:

Gonna start reading this very expensive very nice

Losing my mind the snow. But there hasn’t been eve’s birthday for a second. Tell me what website I used no commas don’t believe in polygamy in heaven before this life is to be the universe

@‫muppetbutler that makes you feel better soon

I like the bit where you can fart in public

a friend irl, as a cishet white boy would get me started

@‫Knzk @‫pbandkate it was time for pooping

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