OpenVPN & WireGuard server at GitHub Actions: representative NAT traversal case
Submitted by: ValdikSS; Score: 29

The shadowy world of umbral calculus [video]
Submitted by: peter_d_sherman; Score: 76

Baz Luhrmann’s “Sunscreen Song” – The 90s’ Most Unlikely Hit [audio]
Submitted by: smartmic; Score: 81

The hero's journey of getting laid off
Submitted by: georgex7; Score: 102

Hikaru Nakamura's Forbidden Platform
Submitted by: jdthedisciple; Score: 116

Y Combinator narrows current cohort size by 40%, citing downturn and funding
Submitted by: npalli; Score: 223

Vulkan update: version 1.2 conformance for Raspberry Pi 4
Submitted by: zdw; Score: 72

MIT invents $4 solar desalination device
Submitted by: serverlessmom; Score: 57

FauxPilot – an open-source GitHub Copilot server
Submitted by: fniephaus; Score: 13

Leaving Facebook/Meta was the best thing we could do for the community
Submitted by: electrum; Score: 160

GitHub is adding web cookies for enterprise users
Submitted by: 6a74; Score: 60

FlightRadar24 crashes due to surge in users tracking SPAR19
Submitted by: jeswin; Score: 187

Capital One enters enterprise B2B software, new data management SaaS
Submitted by: aidangrimshaw; Score: 42

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