Adobe charges subscription cancellation fee
Submitted by: CSDude; Score: 216

Gitlet.js – Git implemented in 1k lines of JavaScript
Submitted by: tambourine_man; Score: 116

When real world mapping meets Tolkien
Submitted by: dcminter; Score: 213

Chrome zero-day released on GitHub (fixed on V8 but still works on latest)
Submitted by: alpb; Score: 136

CEO: Intel in talks to produce chips for automakers within six to nine months
Submitted by: alexrustic; Score: 45

Yuri Gagarin: Sixty years since the first man went into space [video]
Submitted by: spzb; Score: 346

Building React and Vue Support for Tailwind UI
Submitted by: shayac2; Score: 93

The Sandwich Scandal at the Heart of the World’s Greatest Golfing Event
Submitted by: ecliptik; Score: 40

RMS addresses the free software community
Submitted by: caution; Score: 404

OpenSearch: AWS fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana
Submitted by: ke4qqq; Score: 211

Linux, macOS, and Windows running simultaneously on a first gen Core i5
Submitted by: luke2m; Score: 214

Silicon Valley Is Flooding into a Reluctant Austin
Submitted by: donsupreme; Score: 95

Microsoft buys Nuance for nearly $20B
Submitted by: moritzplassnig; Score: 156

Mugo, a toy compiler for a subset of Go that can compile itself
Submitted by: benhoyt; Score: 50

The global campaign to make environmental destruction an international crime
Submitted by: Quanttek; Score: 85

Listening and building trust: starting as I mean to go on
Submitted by: DanBC; Score: 30

What was the point of [ “x$var” = “xval” ]?
Submitted by: JNRowe; Score: 88

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