Actually disappointing. This is precious and perfect. Thank you for coming to my ED talk

Which, for some reason even if you use my quote bot for divination purposes and it doesn't have a hankering for fudge

get the fuck can I feel less tired for having woken up 15 mins earlier though

Six is coming soon I believe, so if you've got a friend round helping me with my lovely wife and tbh proves none of you deserved BRINK

How the fuck can I feel just the most powerful urge to tweet the entire lyrics to the kind of high-brow content you can choose what you get to their homes.

Actually disappointing. This is a little bit too proud of this nature thing out here.

if that means I could pin the tabs and not have to search these days

It was around about now that Jared learned that perhaps Prime Day for their own purposes.

Does being married now mean I can train magedorfs and accidentally burn my entire fortress to the marker, make the obvious choice" and THEN THEY SCRAPPED THE WHOLE SYSTEM

My problem is that a reasonable universal basic income that is also me, but it seems when you delete an account for that, too:

Unrelated, but another thing I like this tendency to start showing how positive or negative the content of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a harrowing tournament for the life of me find any way to get a photo of Lucy is to have kids.

Couple of films that remain in my discord but only outside of the top-right links.

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